Impact Metrics & KPIs (2022)

As a BC Benefit Company and Certified B Corp, we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner, promoting various public benefits, as outlined below.

Promoting Responsible Consumption

At Social Nature, we are committed to and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns.  We do this by helping grow demand for and supply of natural products.

Building consumer demand: We reduce the barriers (price, education, convenience) for people to make the switch to better products.  We give consumers a voice in defining the next generation of products by asking them for feedback through product review/ratings and survey questions.

In 2022, we distributed over 1.1M natural products to our community members to sample.  Our community members wrote over 650,000 product reviews and shared them with their followers on social media, which helped influence 1.1M people to try natural products. 

Growing supply of products: We are exclusively focused on providing services to the better-for-you CPG market, which includes products that are better for people and the planet. Our services help consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands grow their sales by acquiring new shoppers. 

Of the products that we introduced to our community in 2022:

  • 48% are Certified GMO-Free
  • 28% offer Plant-based products
  • 21% are Certified Organic

Based on a 2022 community survey, community members have realized the following benefits: 

  • 82% say Social Nature has helped them towards reaching their health goals
  • 48% purchase more healthy and sustainable products since joining Social Nature
  • 38% eat more plant-based products since joining Social Nature
  • 37% eat healthier overall
  • 28% pick more eco-friendly products when shopping
  • 18% have been inspired to have new health goals since joining the community

Our People

At Social Nature, we are committed to and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring decent work and economic growth.  

In 2022, we promoted a work environment that was:

  • Recognized as a Great Place to Work® in Canada
  • Recognized for the fourth year in a row as a High-Performance Culture by the SupportingLines Institute after getting an 85% score on our annual team engagement survey.
  • A living wage employer, with 100% of our team making at or above the living wage for their area. 
  • Recognized by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies based on our growth rates over the last 3 years

We also support our team’s own development and sustainability education by:

  • We offer quarterly learning and development opportunities hosted by our executive team coach to help our entire team develop leadership skills including communication training, how to deliver effective feedback and recognition, and how to set effective goals.  
  • We invest in executive coaching for our senior management team.
  • Inspiring our team to make healthier and more eco-conscious choices: for example, we stock our kitchen with natural products, we provide our team with quarterly volunteer opportunities, we host Earth Month challenges and prizes, we match non-profit donations our team members make, we plant trees for clients, we purchase staff gifts from values-aligned companies, we facilitate slacks channels on #mindfulness and #healthyrecipes.

And finally, we support our team’s health and wellness by offering:

  • Flexible work environment that supports a hybrid work environment whereby people can work from home and/or can come into an office that is centrally located and close to public transit. 
  • Competitive extended health, dental and vision benefits and an annual health and wellness spending account to improve your physical and mental wellness in any way that you see fit.
  • A generous paid time off policy with up to 35 days off per year 
  • A paternity leave policy 

Our Community

At Social Nature, we are committed to and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of achieving gender equality and empowering women.

Our Founder and CEO Annalea Krebs, co-founded the Canadian Women in Naturals Community which hosts bi-annual events for Canadian women working in the natural product industry and has an online community of over 350 members. 

This initiative is non-profit and volunteer run, and provides a safe space for women to connect, share experiences and ask for support to help further themselves in their careers and to help grow their natural product businesses.

We co-founded the community in 2016, because we noticed a larger underrepresentation of women in senior decision making roles in the natural product industry, including the associations that support the industry. Women are the primary consumers of natural products and so we believe that they should have a seat at the table. 

All of our events encourage senior women to bring a mentee so that we can support the next generation of women working in the natural product industry. The events build community and provide resources to the attendees.

Our Environment

At Social Nature, we are committed to and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of climate action, and sustainable cities & communities.  In 2022, we supported these goals by promoting the following:

Coupon Digitalization

We are in the process of digitizing our coupons which will eliminate the need for additional paper use and shipping impacts.