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  • Share your brand mission and story with thousands of natural product shoppers
  • Drive targeted trial at natural and conventional retailers
  • Collect valuable shopper insights at stores where your products are sold

Consumers join Social Nature to discover products that support their health and lifestyle goals. Now’s the time to connect with your target consumer while they’re establishing new habits! We match your brand with their interests.

Grow your CPG brand with one shopper marketing solution

Achieve multiple business objectives without all the cross-functional coordination. We’re like an extension of your team.

Support new retail listings

Drive in store discovery and acquire new shoppers for your new retail listings.

Derisk new product launches

Drive predictable in-store impact and get real-time consumer feedback to optimize your product while it’s in-flight.

Always-on new customer acquisition

Send thousands of consumers through your retailers’ doors every month to try and buy your products.

Grow in key regions

Geo-target consumers that live within 6-miles of your retailers to support new or lower-performing regions. Or, build demand in regional markets pre-launch!

Increase velocity at key retailers

Generate predictable lift at scale in a short period of time to ensure your products succeed on the shelf.

Capture real-time consumer feedback

Conduct pre- and post-trial surveys to understand what your consumers really think to achieve product-market fit.


Sample your products to qualified shoppers

The Social Nature community is made of changemakers who vote with their dollars. They believe that each shopping trip is a chance to make this world better – by buying products that are purpose-driven and better-for-you.

Community members are matched to your products based on your targeting criteria, their profile data, preferences and location. Once there’s a match, members can accept or reject your sample. Consumers only try and review products they’re interested in so engagement is high.

Let’s grow the natural products industry together


Get actionable insights through product sampling

Turn your product sampling campaign into a data collection opportunity. The Social Nature Insights dashboard gives you real-time access to consumer feedback and reviews. Use advanced filters to understand purchase intent, and how your product compares against competitors and across retailers.

Brands are winning at retail and driving repeat purchases

Bakery On Main

Bakery On Main increased total annual sales by 50% at Kroger with Social Nature.

Seemore Meats & Veggies

How Seemore expanded from Whole Foods to Target and Sprouts

Veggiecraft Farms

Discover how Veggiecraft Farms captured 49% repeat buyers at Walmart.

Ready to drive in-store foot traffic and trial?

Speak to a CPG growth strategist today. In our call, we will:

Discuss your key account strategy and goals.

Explore consumer insights you want to surface.

Determine targeting amongst 1,000,000 natural shoppers.