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Tasty, wholesome, and convenient

Founder and busy Mom, Beth Porter, faced the common challenge of wanting to feed her family healthy snacks they’d enjoy while avoiding the prep work and cleanup. One day, as she opened the freezer door and the light flickered on to greet her, she had a lightbulb moment of her own: Spoonable Smoothies.

And with that, Sweet Nothings was born. Designed for everyone, not just for kids, Sweet Nothings products are perfectly blended with organic ingredients and are conveniently packaged for a grab-and-go breakfast, post-workout snack, afternoon pick-me-up, or healthy indulgence.

Getting the right customers to try and buy

The Sweet Nothings team knows that once people try their products, they understand the appeal and want to buy them again. The challenge lies in getting the product into the hands of the right people. Moving units off the shelf is critical, especially with new product launches. According to VP of Sales, Meigan Rath, and Co-Founder, Jake Kneller, it’s this combined with Social Nature’s ability to distill consumer data that justifies the investment.

Collecting the right data

Having worked with Social Nature since 2020, the partnership has only flourished. Jake and Meigan appreciate the ability to work closely with their Client Success Manager when setting up their campaigns. Together, they co-create pre- and post-trial surveys to ensure that the data collected meets Sweet Nothings’ short- and long-term business objectives.

The insights collected in the surveys also allow campaign participants to act as merchandisers. When launching their new Acai Bowls in the Frozen Breakfast section, a new category for Sweet Nothings, they were able to leverage these insights like product visibility to optimize their product placement strategy effectively.

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Data-driven victories

The Sweet Nothings team is very data-focused. Through the Social Nature dashboard, the team could break down the data to see where else the 2,917 campaign participants shopped.

Being able to customize pre- and post-trial survey questions helped Meigan create the narrative needed in her retail strategy approach for Walmart, which would have been extremely expensive to get elsewhere.  As an emerging brand, this ability to validate their product amongst the Walmart shopper was invaluable, giving Sweet Nothings a chance to prove themselves to Walmart beyond quantitative sales data.

Collect the right data to validate your product.

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