Early Stage Brands

Early Stage Brands

Grow your early stage brand at natural retailers

You turned your passion into a product. Now you want to expand to natural retail chains to get your product into more hands. Build regional brand awareness and trial by sampling your products to Social Nature’s community of 1,000,000 natural product shoppers.

Get noticed on the shelf

Go beyond online awareness. You can send thousands of Social Nature shoppers to the stores where your products are sold. They’ll redeem your product with a free trial voucher and you’ll move units off the shelf.

One shopper marketing program to achieve your goals

When you’re in the early stages, there is a lot to do. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is here to help.

We’ve helped hundreds of early stage CPG brands:

Boost shelf activity

You don’t need to spend a lot on brand awareness that doesn’t convert in-store. With Social Nature you’ll get qualified consumers directly into your target stores to find your products on the shelf to purchase again and again.

Capture in-market feedback at scale

No more notes from friends or farmers’ markets. Now you have streamlined feedback from your target consumers to validate your product or next business move.

Prove product-market fit

Expand your listings and raise more capital by pairing your Social Nature Insights with POS data to show your demand from thousands of real, qualified shoppers.

Grow in key regions

Segment your sampling campaigns based on where consumers shop and live to grow in key regions before expanding nationwide.

How it works

Our community of natural product shoppers go through a full shopping journey from discovery to purchase, trial, review, and email opt-ins. They only try and review products they’re interested in.

Users apply to try products

Capture online demand from our community. Members interested in your product will apply to try a free sample.

Set your targeting criteria

Choose your audience. Qualified members living within 6-miles of your key retailer receive a free trial coupon to pick up your product in-store.

Drive trial and velocity

Send thousands of community members to pick up your product in-store to try at home.

Capture feedback and reviews in real-time

Members fill out a post-trial survey and leave a review. Understand purchase intent, and how your product compares against competitors and across retailers.

Syndicate reviews to your website and third-party retailers to build social proof and SEO.

Gain email opt-ins

Members who leave a review can opt-in to your brand mailing list for retargeting. Our community now becomes your community!

Support your natural retail listings

Buyers get excited when they know you’ll send thousands of their customers to their stores!

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Aura Bora

Aura Bora gains 37% repeat purchasers after their Social Nature product launch


Ready for a proactive review strategy?

Speak to a CPG growth strategist today. In our call, we will:

Discuss your key account strategy and goals.

Explore consumer insights you want to surface.

Determine targeting amongst 1,000,000 natural shoppers.


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