Innovation Panel - The Road to Building a 9-Figure CPG Brand

How North America’s Natural Product Shoppers are Responding to Inflation

Learn how consumers are adapting their behaviors & spending patterns with data sourced from our community of 1 million+ shoppers.

Secrets to a Successful Retailer Presentation

Social Nature and Alliance Sales & Marketing show you how to craft a winning new item presentation for retailers.

Trending Consumer Goals and Habits in 2021

Learn what’s top of mind for consumers and how their shopping habits have changed in 2021.

How are shoppers navigating the new normal?

Download the slides and view the webinar to learn about consumers’ top health priorities during the times of COVID-19.

How are natural CPG leaders adapting to the new retail environment?

View the webinar to learn about how CPG leaders are adapting to COVID-19.

Social Nature x iLevel Management Webinar

Discover the ways CPG brands can leverage Digital Demos.

Driving Omnichannel Impact: How targeted trial and product reviews build retail sales

Social Nature and Bazaarvoice are partnering to give the inside scoop on how product reviews build trust and influence omnichannel sales.