A shared mission

The natural products industry mission is simple: the more natural and sustainable brands grow, the bigger the impact we make in the world for the health of people, animals and the planet.

Through digital product sampling, we help consumers make the switch to better-for-you products through free product sampling at retail stores across the United States and Canada. We believe big change can be achieved through everyday choices, starting with what you put in your shopping basket!

Barriers to new product adoption tend to include three common themes: education, trial and trust. Social Nature removes these barriers through its proprietary online-to-offline (O2O) consumer marketing and reviews platform.

Social Nature’s O2O Marketing Cycle

With Social Nature’s O2O cycle, brands get a full funnel solution – the opportunity to build direct relationships with consumers across the path to purchase from targeted online awareness, in-store discovery and trial, to hearing feedback and acquiring emails for remarketing.

Industry impact

The feedback mechanism provided by Social Nature’s platform helps the industry better access “voice of market” through retailer-specific product feedback, consumer insights and product reviews to continously validate, innovate and grow better-for-you product sales at retail.

To date, Social Nature has supported 500+ brands to drive targeted trial at retail and influenced 10,000,000 people to #trynatural through our brands partnerships and digital product sampling programs.

How digital product sampling helps brokers & better-for-you-brands grow

The biggest problem we solve for brands at retail is getting noticed in the first place – right at the point of purchase, where it matters most. Over the last 6 years, we’ve worked with over 500 consumer brands and they all share a common problem: in-store discovery.

As a broker, you probably have seen this hundreds of times: you get the new listing, and the client “hopes to get noticed” through some kind of initial marketing program, but it doesn’t always happen fast enough and you end up running a delisting risk.  If you don’t have budgets for large end-caps, top shelf-placement, or you’re stuck in a small hard-to-find-freezer section, it’s even harder.

Social Nature makes it easy to drive in-store discovery through our proprietary online-to-offline marketing cycle where:

1. We generate digital demand for your brand’s products via our community of 800,000+ natural shoppers.

2. We convert this demand to in-store foot traffic and trials with geo-targeted free product coupons.

3. You get valuable retailer-specific shopper insights and product reviews.

4. You get email opt-ins so your brands can target high value consumers for future new products!

We get your target market to go to the shelf to pick up your product and take it home,  try, and review it!

Here are 10 ways digital product sampling support your sales and marketing goals

1. New retailer launch support

If you just sold in a new listing and want to ensure you’ll move units off the shelf in a predictable amount of time, digital product sampling can make a real difference. Learn how Cool Beans leveraged digital product sampling to drive retail impact in the first year of their launch at Sprouts.

2. Regional digital product sampling campaigns

Looking to dominate or boost a key geographic region? You can leverage our geo-targeting technology to drive trial at critical stores in your key regions. You’ll cut through the noise and ineffectiveness of geo-targeted social ads, or hard-to-scale field marketing. Instead, get people to walk right into the exact stores and try your products where they are sold.

3.Always-on new consumer acquisition

Many brands need to protect their market share and this requires a steady flow of new consumers. With Social Nature’s advanced targeting, you can ensure only brand new consumers get into your product sampling campaigns. Now you can use your marketing dollars more effectively without wasting money. Learn how Alpha Foods achieved 20% post-promotional velocity lift through new consumer acquisition.

4. Derisk new product launches

Typically, the most funds and energy go into new product launches and you have the most to lose if they don’t go well. You can get predictable new product trial rates and early market feedback to support long-term success. Learn how Ocean’s Halo has a 90% new product launch success rate with Social Nature’s digital sampling solutions.

5. Build retailer case studies to support buyer meetings

Uncover top drivers of your product sales, showcase purchase intent and social proof with retailer-specific shopper insights sourced from Social Nature’s digital sampling.

For a step-by-step playbook, watch our webinar Secrets to a Success Retailer Presentation with top-notch broker group Alliance Sales and Marketing.

6. Generate verified product ratings and reviews for retailer scorecards

If you’re looking to open up 3rd party retail ecommerce, you’ll likely need a minimum set of 4-star and 5-star rating product reviews to syndicate and shine on their retailer score cards.

Social Nature is partnered with Bazaarvoice for 3rd party review syndication and several others so you can generate targeted reviews at scale, quickly. Learn how Primal Kitchen leveraged their reviews to win on their retailer scorecard.

7. Increase efficiency of marketing spend

What makes Social Nature’s digital product sampling unique is only qualified consumers get to try the products, minimizing marketing waste. Our community members must shop at your target stores and fit your target audience profile.

And what’s more, they must opt-in!

No push marketing. This means that the consumers who try the products are doing so because they were interested in the first place – a further step along the path to purchase, compared to push marketing programs that tend to have lower conversion rates.

Benchmark redemptions on initial free product trial range from 50% to 80%.

8. Achieve consistent brand education & storytelling with your own “Virtual Booth”

One of the challenges with field marketing and in-store demos is delivering a consistent brand message. It’s really hard to do properly at scale, but it’s so important for new user adoption and communicating your brand’s points of difference.

No staff training is needed with Social Nature’s digital product sampling. You submit your key messaging, brand story and educational videos and all users get the same message across the entire 15 touchpoints of every campaign – reinforcing your key value proposition correctly at all times.

Here is an example of  Primal Kitchen’s virtual booth to get the juices flowing!

9. Boost products with declining sales

Not every product launch is a home run and some regions or banners can be more challenging than others. If your product needs a little boost, we’re used to being nimble and jumping in to support where we have strong retailer communities and helping you get the feedback you need to fix any problems. Learn how AOR repositioned their declining products resulting in 133% sales lift using digital product sampling.

10. Do less work and have more fun! 

We work with a lot of lean marketing teams and take on the all heavy lifting of a full-funnel solution. Instead of having to pay and manage digital marketing, couponing, shopper marketing, reviews programs, in-store sampling, field marketing, retargeting and remarketing – you can have the whole funnel managed by us.