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Drive New Customer Acquisition at Retail with Social Nature’s New Rebate Functionality 

Digital Rebate

Social Nature helps natural brands get discovered on the shelf, so they stay on the shelf

We drive demand for your products with special cash-back offers redeemable in-store

We send shoppers to buy your products at stores where your products are sold

Only shoppers that live near your store list can activate your product offer

Cash back offers are redeemed in store, and you can retarget with additional offers


Consumers get cash back within 48 hrs + share their feedback & product reviews

Hyper-target by retail store address

Tap into our community of 1M+ health-conscious shoppers that you can activate at any retailer that sells your products.

Support new retail listings, product launches, key selling times, category reviews and more:

  • Promote geo-targeted product offers redeemable in-store
  • In-store impact within 24 hours of going live
  • Redemptions tracked in real-time at the store level
  • Target shoppers by your store list to support specific retailers or regions
  • Gain product reviews to support your online retailers
  • Survey your shoppers to gain pre and post purchase insights
  • Get email opt-ins for retargeting
  • Re-target to drive loyalty and stay top of mind year-round

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