Partake’s Story: Driving Tangible Impact with Social Nature's Rebate Campaign

Campaign duration was 19 days

Campaign results:


redemptions in total


email opt-ins


product reviews


redemption rate


Partake Foods ran a cashback campaign using Social Nature’s platform to drive tangible impact at a natural and organic grocery store.


Increase product velocity, compare the results with other rebate platforms, and generate positive reviews from consumers who shop at the natural grocer.

The campaign aimed to attract new customers to the brand, with a particular focus on gaining traction with a large audience and understanding consumer preferences.

77% of consumers participating had never heard of Partake Foods, or seen it in stores but not yet tried it, presenting a ripe opportunity for new acquisition.

Partake Foods was pleased with several aspects of the campaign's performance. The reasons:

  • The number of redemptions exceeded expectations, leading to a notable impact in product performance at the retailer. 
  • The positive reviews from new customers reinforced the product's appeal to natural and organic shoppers: an opportunity to build trust with retailer buyers.
  • Social Nature’s speed of 19 days from start to finish was a huge highlight compared to other marketing strategies aimed at driving in-store trial and velocity that are much slower and harder to measure.
  • Social Nature’s capability to geo-target specific stores was seamless and best in class compared to other platforms making it easy to laser in on key-accounts and key regions quickly with clear, transparent data to see progress in real-time.

Future applications of Social Nature’s rebate

Drive trial with new households

Drive loyalty and repeat purchases

Geo-target specific retailer stores and regions


Partake’s experience with Social Nature’s rebate campaign demonstrated its effectiveness in driving tangible retail impact, generating positive reviews, and attracting a highly targeted engaged audience.

The success of the pilot has led to intentions for further collaboration with Social Nature in future marketing initiatives, leveraging the platform’s unique features and wide-ranging distribution capabilities.

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