Mother-in-Law’s Story: Driving Tangible Impact with Social Nature's Rebate Campaign

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Mother-in-Law’s ran a cashback campaign using Social Nature’s platform to drive tangible impact at Sprouts and Meijer. This strategic approach allowed them to drive initial product velocity at launch, rather than wait for consumer demand to ramp up over time.

Mother-in-law's Kimchi on hotdogs


Support new listings, drive targeted trial of Mother-in-Law’s Everyday Kimchi at Sprouts and Meijer, gain pre/post trial consumer insights, and generate online product reviews. This is the first time this product has been listed at a natural products retailer (Sprouts), so customer insight was valuable.

The campaign aimed to attract new customers to the brand, with a particular focus on gaining traction with a large audience and understanding consumer preferences.

95% of consumers had never tried Mother-in-Law’s indicating an opportunity for new customer acquisition and 67% of consumers participating had never heard of Mother-in-Law’s, demonstrating an increase in brand awareness.

Mother-in-law's Fork in Jar

Mother-in-Law’s was pleased with several aspects of the campaign's performance. The reasons:

  • The purchase intent captured from this campaign provides a powerful metric that can be harnessed in sales decks when presenting to other retailers.
  • Compared to other rebate programs, Social Nature was able to quickly drive members in-store, providing impact at retail when needed. In addition, Social Nature also handled all aspects of promo distribution which was valuable compared to similar services.
  • Gathering trusted customer feedback through reviews not only uncovered product strengths and areas for enhancement but also provided valuable reviews for leveraging on retailers' websites.
  • Collected data from the campaign provided valuable insights into category data, user experiences, and the competitive landscape and also revealed other products from the brand that consumers are interested in trying, enriching the brands understanding of market dynamics.
Mother-in-law's in Food

Future applications of Social Nature’s rebate

Drive trial with new households

Drive loyalty and repeat purchases

Geo-target specific retailer stores and regions


Mother-in-Law’s experience with Social Nature’s rebate campaign demonstrated its effectiveness in driving tangible retail impact, generating positive reviews, and attracting a highly targeted engaged audience.

The success of the pilot has led to intentions for further collaboration with Social Nature in future marketing initiatives, leveraging the platform’s unique features and wide-ranging distribution capabilities.

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