As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the USA — consumers rushed toward natural products.

However, the onslaught of consumer demand created seemingly insurmountable competition amongst natural CPG brands in the United States. Although traditional shopper marketing, in-store displays and word-of-mouth marketing may have been reliable pre-pandemic, the landscape is forever changed in favor of digital content marketing.

Below, you’ll understand how your CPG brand can harness effective content marketing to outperform the competition within the natural product industry.

Connecting With Your Consumers in an Authentic Way

Half the battle of gaining consumer attention in the post-pandemic era is getting them to engage with digital marketing content.

The other half is getting consumers to connect with your marketing message. As competition amongst natural brands heats up, engaging and connecting with consumers is becoming an increasingly challenging task.

Even though many CPG brands utilize digital marketing techniques, most fail to engage and connect with clients in a meaningful way. Thus, authenticity is one of the most effective methods to gain consumers and retain shoppers over time.

For example, your CPG brand should utilize authentic content streams such as:

  • Blogs
  • Digital stories on social media
  • Podcasts
  • Email campaigns
  • Visual content

Once your CPG brand crafts an effective content stream — how will potential customers discover the various forms of content marketing in a flooded industry? Even with authentic content marketing, your CPG brand may not stand a chance if hundreds, thousands, or millions of potential customers don’t see it.

The solution to getting ahead of the competition is utilizing a service that puts your natural products into the hands of your target audience.

Streamline Your Content Strategy With the Help of CPG Marketing Specialists

Social Nature is a product launch platform with a community of over one million (and counting) shoppers.

With hundreds of thousands of natural brand shoppers at your fingertips, your content marketing efforts will make a lasting impact that can transform your early-stage brand into an established brand.

Social Nature amplifies your content marketing campaign using digital sampling, reviews, and consumer insights of over one million retail shoppers in real-time.

Pair Your Content Marketing With Digital Sampling

Now that you’ve created a vast content stream — it’s time to get your natural products into the hands of shoppers across the United States and Canada.

Social Nature’s retail focus is to bring customers and CPG brands together. Customers can experience samples of your natural CPG products with their try-before-you-buy initiative.

As hundreds and thousands of shoppers experience a sample of your natural product, they’ll be more inclined to research your CPG brand, thus giving your content marketing time to shine.

Get your products in the hands of qualified consumers only

Ratings and Reviews Increase Your Content Marketing Reach

Once consumers with Social Nature receive your free sample, it’s time for them to provide a review.

Ratings and reviews are some of the most important aspects of making sales — regardless of industry. Consumers view ratings and reviews as a form of trust.

Without a steady stream of authentic reviews, your content marketing efforts may fall on deaf ears. With this in mind, partnering with Social Nature gives you access to countless authentic reviews that amplifies sales and viewership of your content marketing efforts.

Consumer Insights Provide Precise Content Marketing Strategies

Social Nature gathers crucial consumer insights from its vast community of shoppers.

Although sales and category trends within the natural product industry sound appealing — these aren’t standout metrics that will put your CPG brand ahead of the curve. Instead, Social Nature leverages real-time data that gives you insight into why shoppers buy one product over another.

With so much insight into consumer data — your team can effectively create specific and valuable marketing content.

Schedule a Call With Social Nature Today

If your natural CPG brand is ready to craft an effective content marketing campaign — it’s time to team up with Social Nature.

With over one million shoppers at your fingertips, your CPG brand will rise to the top, even in the most competitive markets, such as natural products. Don’t hesitate to book your call with the marketing specialists at Social Nature today!

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