The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed marketing strategies over the last two years.

As consumer behavior continues to shift and increased operational costs soar due to supply chain issues, many natural CPG brands want to know if product sampling marketing strategies are still as effective as before. Below, we’ll dive into the effectiveness of product sampling marketing strategies for natural CPG brands in 2023.

The Foundation of Product Sampling Marketing Strategy

The world moves fast, and getting your natural CPG products into the hands of loyal customers is a top priority.

However, thousands of other natural CPG brands are hunting for clients and shelf space, driving competition to unimaginable heights. Although product sampling is a relatively old technique, the internet and smartphones extend the possibilities of your product sampling marketing strategy.

From free product coupons to sending sample products to qualified shoppers, your product sampling marketing strategy may make or break your business model.

Free Product Coupons as Part of Your Product Sampling Marketing Strategy

One of the most effective methods to drive consumers to your natural CPG product is through free product coupons.

Although this may sound less effective than offering trial-size products, free product coupons incentivize shoppers to make a beeline directly to your brand’s product on the shelf at the store. Consumers are always interested in free items — especially when it comes to better-for-you brands. This works especially well for high turn, low SRP items like food & beverage products.

Free product coupons put your product in front of the competition. Why? Because it’s your product that the consumer will try now — instead of later.

Ultimately, free product coupons are an integral part of your product sampling marketing strategy that’s as effective as ever.

Free Sample-Size Products as Part of Your Product Sampling Marketing Strategy

To effectively compete in the natural CPG market — you need to keep your products in the mind’s eye of consumers.

The natural CPG industry is flooded with brands with the same goal, making it necessary for your brand to stand out. One of the most effective methods is using free sample-size products sent directly to qualified shoppers’ homes.

This method accomplishes two things at once: it allows consumers to try your product risk-free and then incentivizes shoppers to purchase with a post-trial coupon for online or in-store redemption. This works especially well for higher ticket items like supplements, hair & skin care and beauty products.

Free sample size products are an efficient method to boost your product sampling marketing strategy. Without free sample-size products, consumers will need to discover your brand via other avenues, making this method extremely effective going into 2023 and beyond.

Free Promo Codes as Part of Your Product Sampling Marketing Strategy

Another key method within your product sampling marketing strategy is through free promo codes.

Free promo codes are as effective as the size of your community. However, if your brand is just starting or has yet to meet name-brand status — you’ll need the help of a large community interested in better-for-you products.

Social Nature is a network that brings together over one million shoppers. By teaming with Social Nature, your free promo codes will get into the hands of thousands of consumers ready to explore your natural CPG brand.

Drive Your Product Sampling Marketing Strategy With Social Nature

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From implementing essential product sampling marketing strategies to providing your natural CPG brand with invaluable consumer data, you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition all year.

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