Regarding consumers, nothing is as alluring as a free product.

That’s why consumer product sampling methods are a surefire way to get your large, or small CPG brand noticed. However, there are many popular consumer product sampling techniques, and each has its own intricacies that you need to know about.

Below, we’ll discuss the most effective consumer digital sampling methods and efficient tricks and tactics when implementing them to drive more consumers to your CPG products.

Consumer Product Sampling Via In-Store Demos

The most traditional method of consumer product sampling is none other than in-store demos.

From 14th-century innkeepers to modern-day CPG brands, in-store demos have doled out free samples to the public with one goal in mind: transform a freebie into repeat business.

However, this method requires extensive planning due to logistics, shipments, demo people, and much more. After overcoming logistical barriers, consumer product sampling via in-store demos can be successful if you:

  • Hire knowledgeable and personable brand ambassadors
  • Refine your demo product selection
  • Always schedule in-store demos during peak hours
  • Add promotional offers with free products

Consumer Product Sampling in the Field

Like in-store demos, field sampling is an excellent method to engage in fruitful consumer product sampling.

The benefit of consumer product sampling in the field is that it doesn’t have to be in a store. Also known as permission-based sampling, your CPG brand must obtain a license or permit for a specific date, time, and location.

Although permits cost money, they offer CPG brands a unique opportunity to engage in consumer product sampling in higher-traffic areas compared to retail locations. Like in-store consumer product sampling, your CPG brand will need extensive planning, demo people, and shipments.

Below are a few tricks and tactics to enhance your consumer product sampling in the field:

  • Apply for high-traffic permits during peak season (months in advance)
  • Opt for guerilla marketing for added exposure in other areas
  • Hire knowledgeable and friendly brand ambassadors
  • Provide additional promotions (coupons) with freebies

Digital Consumer Product Sampling

The world is increasingly becoming digitized, and COVID-19 has only accelerated this fact since surfacing in early 2020.

Although consumers are returning in droves for in-store shopping experiences, they are deeply connected to their online habits. With this in mind, digital consumer product sampling is the new frontier of CPG product sampling and the best method to gain new consumers and stay ahead of the competition.

There are three types of digital consumer product sampling techniques:

  • Free product coupons for qualified consumers
  • Free sample-size products delivered to eligible consumers
  • Direct-to-consumer promo codes for qualified consumers

However, how can your CPG brand access thousands of qualified consumers eager to experience your CPG products? The best tactic is to partner with the ultimate marketing solution — Social Nature.

Social Nature comprises over 1 million online consumers seeking better-for-you products. By enrolling on the platform, consumers can opt-in to digital product sampling drives in return for honest feedback.

Once partnered with Social Nature, your CPG brand gains unlimited access to value-packed insights, such as top consumer purchase drivers, and retailer-specific insights. Furthermore, CPG brands can drive targeted digital consumer product sampling with much higher efficiency than in-store or field sampling methods.
Instead of utilizing immense resources across a wide range of locations yourself, Social Nature does everything for your brand, such as targeting, planning, and execution.

If your CPG brand is ready to stay ahead of the curve of the competition and acquire thousands of new consumers at retail locations with targeted digital consumer product sampling — book a call with Social Nature today!

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