Whether your natural CPG products land on the shelves of a mom-and-pop store or a major retailer — you want retailers to be excited about your brand.

From added distribution opportunities to increased sales, there’s nothing better than getting retailers excited about your natural products. Below, we’ll discuss seven ways to ignite retailers’ excitement for your natural CPG products.

Offer Incentives and Promotions

A key method to getting retailers excited about your natural product is through exclusive incentives and promotions.

From coupons to free samples, promotions and incentives are an excellent way to get your products off the shelf and demand sky-high. With so much buzz around your product’s promotional deals, retailers can’t help but get excited about your natural brand.

Share Customer Feedback

Retailers get excited when they see positive feedback about the products they carry.

Positive feedback typically results in increased popularity, which in turn drives sales. With this in mind, sharing customer feedback and reviews is essential to show retailers how your natural product stacks up against the competition.

Harness the Power of Influencers

Retailers can only go so far in marketing your product once it’s on the shelves.

Therefore, another proven method to support retailers to get them excited about your product is to use influencers. Social media influencers are groups or individuals who showcase and promote your products.

Social media influencers have a broad reach and are proven to increase the excitement around your natural products — making them an ideal choice when supporting retailers.

Provide Education and Training Sessions Related to Your Products

If you want to go above and beyond for retailers carrying your natural products, provide in-store or remote educational sessions on your products.

Training sessions can be used to highlight the benefits of your products, which in turn makes retailers excited about the item. Additionally, these training sessions can be used to inform employees, who can then answer customers’ questions regarding your natural products.

Host Product Demonstrations or Sampling Events

If you want to support retailers to get excited about your natural CPG products — it’s time to show up in-store and host a product demonstration or sampling events.

These events take the weight off a retailer’s shoulders because your brand is doing leg work to increase sales and awareness of your natural products. Although hosting an event is a resource-intensive endeavor — it’s worth it when you want to wow a retailer.

Alternatively, your natural brand can offer digital product sampling without hosting in-store events. This drives product awareness and excitement, and, ultimately, sales.

Use Data Analytics Tools to Track Data and Performance to Generate Excitement for Retailers

Data increasingly drives the world — and analytical data is the perfect method to drum up excitement among retailers carrying your natural products.

Not only does this data show retailers that you’re working hard to meet their needs, but it also gives invaluable consumer insight. From purchasing behavior to preferences, data-driven insights are exciting metrics for retailers.

Be a Part of a Large Online Community

One of the best ways to support retailers to get them excited about your natural products is by being a part of a massive online community interested in better-for-you products. Grow your social accounts, post regularly, and follow and tag key accounts related to your products.

By reaching such a large audience, your natural brand can educate potential consumers and gain a strong following. Ultimately, the exposure to millions of consumers will only add to a retailer’s excitement about your natural CPG products.

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