Product sampling is one of the most effective methods to drive marketing and sales.

Understanding how product sampling marketing improves sales is crucial for any CPG brand. Below, we’ll dive into the nuances within product sampling and how your brand can use this time-tested method to generate more sales and relevant marketing.

Introduce New Customers to Your CPG Brand

As a CPG brand, your goal is to find and retain as many new customers for your better-for-you products as possible.

Product sampling is an efficient method to gain customers because they are considered zero-risk by the consumer. As your CPG brand knows, getting products into the hands of new consumers is half the battle, and product sampling marketing accomplishes this goal with relative ease.

Increase Loyalty Among Existing Customers

Consumers appreciate it when brands reward them for remaining loyal to products.

Product sampling provides the perfect opportunity to give back to repeat customers — thus enhancing overall loyalty to your CPG brand. From coupon codes to gift boxes full of sample-sized products, repeat consumers will remember these gestures when it’s time to re-stock.

Drive Awareness for Your Upcoming Marketing Campaign

Product sampling drives are filled to the brim with potential — especially when you’re about to launch a new marketing campaign.

The essence of product sampling is to soften the ground once your marketing campaign begins. Suddenly, your CPG brand is familiar to the consumer because your product sampling campaign has already put the product in their hands.

Ultimately, product sampling is an integral piece of the marketing puzzle that your CPG brand is about to embark on.

Increase Consumers’ Knowledge About Your CPG Products

When you allow consumers to experience your CPG products for free — they are suddenly immersed in your product.

From reviewing the ingredients to reading the tagline, consumers will likely continue to educate themselves on your CPG brand’s website. As consumers educate themselves on your CPG products, the higher the likelihood that your marketing and sales drive will succeed.

Invigorate Sales Among Established and New Customers

As previously discussed, product sampling marketing campaigns effectively foster new customers and retain established consumers.

From coupon codes to sample-sized products, it’s likely that consumers will pay these gestures back with retail purchases. Although, it’s not a guarantee that product sampling always results in immediate sales — there’s a strong correlation between increases in sales post-product sampling marketing efforts.

Generate Honest Reviews

Product reviews are more than just opinions — they represent trust in your products.

When a consumer takes the time to write an honest review, they are essentially marketing products for you. In other words, they are telling the world why your product is better than others and why others should trust your CPG brand.

Therefore, product sampling marketing campaigns are the perfect vehicle to gain consumers’ honest opinions. As product reviews roll in, you can fine-tune your CPG brand’s marketing message and other content ideas.

Gain Valuable Data-Driven Consumer Insights

The overarching goal of your product sampling marketing campaign is gaining data.

Data in the form of consumer insights is invaluable because it informs your next product sampling marketing campaign, ingredients, branding message, content, and more. Ultimately, the data you receive from product sampling marketing efforts allows you to curate and market your brand further.

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