As a marketer, it can be a constant struggle to balance the need to grow your products with the need to reduce acquisition costs and generate long term repeat customers. And what’s more is it can be very hard to measure the ROI on marketing programs and can get meaningful feedback from your target audience at the same time. 

Traditional media buying programs can be expensive, difficult to direct to specific retail locations, and hard to track. Did those people that saw your Instagram ad really pick up an item at the store level? Or did the people who sampled your smoothie at the in-store demo really like it, would they buy it again? Why or Why not? 

What’s more is the cost of traditional acquisition channels is unpredictable and constantly changing – and the more specific you wish to get with your audience targeting, the more expensive or harder to reach. 

It’s time for a new way to do shopper marketing

That’s why it’s time to consider replacing these traditional methods with more efficient ways to acquire new shoppers and win at retail with a predictable CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Enter Social Nature, an all-in-one shopper marketing platform designed to help high-growth natural brands win in today’s retail environment. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider using Social Nature:

Predictable cost of acquisition:

Social Nature handles the demand generation for you at one fixed, predictable rate. We match your brand with your target consumer base based on their preferences and interest in your products. No need to build your own funnels or deal with unpredictable acquisition costs. Social Nature generates demand with qualified shoppers for you every time you launch a product on the platform.

Move units off shelves quickly:

With Social Nature’s tried and tested product launch platform, you can get the number of units you want moved off shelves at your designated retail locations quickly. Read our case studies to see how we’ve helped brands grow.

Speed is important in today’s environment. Traditional media buying can be good for brand awareness but less effective for generating targeted velocity and tracking omnichannel results. With Socal Nature. you control the number of units you want moved, where and when and see the proof of those units moved. 

Secure shopper insights at a fraction of the cost:

No need to hire expensive third-party research firms or run ad-hoc surveys. Social Nature gets you the right consumer data for your needs. Use it to validate product positioning, get new listings, and inform innovation.  

This is different from most traditional media & shopper marketing programs – they don’t usually include much direct consumer feedback as a feature. It becomes a separate cost and line item and hard to understand the ROI and impact of the program.

Get verified product reviews:

Social Nature gets you as many product reviews as you want, which you can then syndicate across your online channels to keep building trust and sales. We have best-in-class syndication partners to help you get the most out of your reviews.

Making your marketing investments keep working is what makes Social Nature different then traditional media & shopper marketing – you get verified product reviews while you acquire new shoppers and you can amplify them across channels to grow omnichannel sales. 

Build direct relationships with consumers:

Want to get raving fans to keep engaging with your brand and increase your lifetime value? Social Nature makes it easy by giving you qualified email opt-ins from shoppers who sampled your products. You can reduce email acquisition costs and get fresh new leads monthly.

This is different from traditional media & shopper marketing that are often one-way communications and don’t allow for capturing first party data that you can remarket to.

In today’s retail environment, it’s important to find more efficient ways to acquire new shoppers and win at retail with a predictable CAC. Social Nature offers an all-in-one shopper marketing platform that can help you do just that. We’d love to connect and discuss ways to grow your brand!

For more tips on how to launch successful products at retail, visit www.business.socialnature.com