Consumers have an insatiable appetite for natural food products in the United States.

According to research, natural and organic food and beverage products are set to reach $850B in sales with a CAGR of 13% by 2033. With such a high compound annual growth rate, it’s clear that natural CPG brands are primed for steady growth over the next decade.

However, limited shelf life and increasing competition make it necessary for CPG brands to take their natural foods marketing up a notch. Below, we’ll discuss five high-converting natural food marketing methods that can elevate your CPG brand to the next level and off the shelf.

Extend Your Digital Content Presence

Whether your natural CPG brand is in the startup phase or already selling at major retailers — extending your digital content presence is a battle-tested method to bolster your natural foods marketing brand growth.

Consumers often search online first for new products and use product reviews to validate if they are good or not. From enhanced SEO blogs to engaging video content, your digital presence is one of the easiest (and fastest) methods to gain new sales and repeat business. However, cranking out extensive blog posts and weekly videos across social media platforms only works when you’ve targeted health-oriented communities, which we’ll discuss next.

Engage With Health and Wellness Consumer Communities

One of the most essential methods to enhance natural foods marketing is to engage with health-oriented communities.

However, breaking into health and wellness communities is a time-consuming and challenging task when starting from the ground up. Partnering with marketing platforms like Social Nature that have a built in community instantly places your CPG products in front of thousands of potential consumers.

Understand Your Customer Via Consumer Insights

The digital era has shown us that data is king.

According to analysts, the data market is worth over $163 billion and is estimated to balloon to over $470 billion over the next ten years. The reason behind the frenzy is that data has become a crucial tool for increasing marketing and sales.

Therefore, effective natural foods marketing campaigns need data to understand the likes and dislikes of consumers. Without in-depth consumer insights, CPG brands must rely on trial and error methodology, which is time-consuming, expensive, and risky.

By partnering with Social Nature, your CPG brand will gain thousands of consumer insights to improve your product and natural foods marketing campaign.

Retail and competitive insights all in one place

Launch Digital Product Sampling Campaigns

Another essential natural foods marketing tactic is to launch digital product sampling campaigns.

Digital product sampling offers a new and improved way to get your products into consumers’ hands without the logistical nightmare of in-store demos. From coupons to trial-size products, digital sampling campaigns can boost new sales and drive consumer awareness of your natural products.

Once again, Social Nature is an effective all-in-one marketing solution for CPG brands because it handles digital product sampling campaigns from start to finish. Due to Social Nature’s 1 million strong community, your digital product sampling drive will have thousands of qualified customers ready to experience and buy your natural products.

Get your products in the hands of qualified consumers only

Incentivize Consumers to Provide Ratings and Reviews

One of the least utilized yet effective natural foods marketing strategies is incentivizing consumers to rate and review your natural products.

As previously discussed, digital product sampling efforts efficiently generate new sales. However, digital product sampling drives are also ideal for generating ample ratings and reviews.

By leveraging Social Nature, your CPG brand will experience a steady stream of authentic reviews, which builds trust within the health and wellness community.
Positive reviews across your natural products provide confidence for new buyers, thus driving increased sales and reputation for your natural CPG brand. If your CPG brand is ready to harness the power of natural foods marketing strategy to boost sales — it’s time to book a call with Social Nature today.

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