KPIs, or key performance indicators, are essential in marketing as they provide measurable, quantifiable data that can be used to track the progress and success of product sampling campaigns.

Without clearly defined KPIs, your product sampling campaign can suffer severe consequences, such as a lack of focus, missed opportunities, decreased retailer confidence, and, ultimately, sluggish retail performance.

Below, we’ll provide five essential key performance indicators for your upcoming product sampling campaign that will maximize its overall effectiveness.


Measuring the reach of your product sampling campaign is a crucial metric in determining its success.

The reach refers to the number of people exposed to your product sample through direct distribution, advertising, or word-of-mouth. Understanding the reach can help your CPG brand determine the target audience for future campaigns and adjust for maximum impact.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who tried the sample and went on to purchase the product.

This metric is an important indicator of the campaign’s success, as it shows how well the sample resonated with the target audience and how effectively it converted them into paying customers. Understanding the conversion rate can help companies to optimize future campaigns and improve their return on investment.

Product Awareness

Product awareness is the percentage of people who were made aware of the product due to the sampling campaign.

This metric is a must-have KPI because it indicates how successful the campaign was in getting the product in front of potential customers. Product awareness can be increased through various channels, including direct distribution, advertising, and word-of-mouth. Measuring product awareness helps your natural CPG brand determine the most effective marketing strategies for future campaigns.

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Customer Feedback

Gathering customer feedback about the product and their experience with the sample is foundational to any product sampling campaign.

Customer feedback can provide valuable insights into what worked well, what didn’t, and what can be improved for future campaigns. Your natural CPG brand can gather feedback through surveys, focus groups, or customer conversations. Using this information will improve the effectiveness of your future product sampling campaigns.

Cost Per Acquisition

The cost-per-acquisition metric measures the cost of acquiring a customer through the sampling campaign, including the cost of samples, distribution, and other associated expenses.

The cost-per-acquisition metric is crucial as it will determine your natural CPG brand’s campaign’s overall effectiveness and efficiency, so that you can make adjustments to maximize return on investment. By understanding the cost per acquisition, your CPG brand can optimize its spending on future campaigns to ensure you make the best use of resources.

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