As a natural CPG brand, getting your products discovered in grocery stores is crucial in driving sales and building brand awareness.

With so many products competing for shelf space, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. But with the right strategies, you can increase brand awareness and drive sales. In this post, we’ll share three simple hacks to help your natural CPG products get discovered in grocery stores.

Hack #1: Leverage Social Nature's Sampling Program

Social Nature’s sampling program is a powerful tool for natural CPG brands looking to get discovered in grocery stores.

By partnering with Social Nature, your CPG brand can get products into the hands of consumers interested in natural products. Social Nature’s community of “product advocates” are eager to try out new products and share their experiences on social media. This can build brand awareness and generate buzz around your brand’s natural CPG products.

In addition to building brand awareness, Social Nature’s digital sampling program can help your natural CPG brand gain consumer trust. Consumers are often hesitant to try new products, particularly when it comes to natural products, and by offering a free sample, your brand can showcase your product’s quality and effectiveness in a risk-free way.

To get the most out of Social Nature’s digital sampling program, natural CPG brands should consider offering a limited-time discount or promotion to consumers who try their product. This can help drive sales and encourage repeat purchases.

Social Nature has a community of over one million strong better-for-you consumers that are eager to try new CPG brands. By tapping into this community, your natural CPG brand can quickly and easily get your products discovered and into the hands of potential customers at retail locations.

Hack #2: Optimize Product Packaging

Product packaging is another key factor in discovering natural CPG brands at grocery stores.

With so many products competing for shelf space, brands need eye-catching packaging that stands out. Natural CPG brands should use bold, bright colors, easy-to-read fonts, and unique shapes to optimize product packaging.

This can make the product more visually appealing and memorable to consumers. Including a clear call-to-action on the packaging, such as “try me today” or “limited time offer,” can also help encourage consumers to try the product.

In addition to the packaging design, natural CPG brands should also consider the materials used. Using eco-friendly or sustainable materials can help appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers and further differentiate your natural CPG brand from competitors.

Ultimately, Social Nature’s data-driven consumer insights help CPG brands curate and optimize product packaging to ensure consumers connect with your natural CPG products.

nutrition facts label on brown carton box

Hack #3: Generate Positive Product Reviews

Positive consumer reviews can be a powerful tool for CPG brands looking to promote their natural products in grocery stores.

When browsing the aisles, shoppers often look to other consumers’ experiences and opinions to guide their purchasing decisions. Positive reviews can help build trust and credibility for your brand, increasing shoppers’ likelihood of trying your products.

Furthermore, positive reviews can also boost your brand’s visibility and reach. Many grocery stores use customer reviews to determine which products to feature in their stores, and high-rated products are often given more prominent placement. Positive reviews can help your natural products stand out from competitors, attracting more shoppers and driving sales.

By partnering with Social Nature, your natural CPG products will have hundreds of honest reviews ready to guide new consumers to your brand.

Harness the Collective Power of Social Nature

Getting your natural products discovered in grocery stores is key to driving sales and building brand awareness.

By leveraging Social Nature’s digital sampling program, informed consumer insights, and honest reviews, your natural CPG brand can increase its chance of getting discovered by consumers at grocery stores. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, these simple hacks can help you win at retail and grow your business.

Ultimately, getting discovered in grocery stores can be challenging, but natural CPG brands can increase their chances of success by using these three simple hacks. If your natural CPG brand is ready to get discovered and win at retail — book a call with Social Nature today and unlock your brand’s potential.

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