Whether your natural CPG brand is in startup mode or fully established, it’s essential to find a product sampling company that will help your business grow.

From digital product sampling to extensive consumer insights and beyond, you’ll discover 11 things to look for in product sampling companies specifically for natural CPG brands.

1. Find a Product Sampling Company With an Extensive Community

Without a solid community backing your products — your natural CPG brand won’t experience lasting impact.

When searching for the right product sampling company, finding a product sampling business boasting a massive community is essential. For example, Social Nature has over 1 million shoppers dedicated to health and wellness products.

2. Leverage a Product Sampling Company That Can Drive Targeted Trials at Natural and Conventional Retailers

If your goal is to have your natural CPG brand flying off the shelves — product sampling at natural and conventional retailers is one of the best solutions.

From Kroger to Whole Foods, Social Nature collaborates with large chain markets to drive targeted trials that can boost brand recognition and in-store sales.

3. Insightful and Real-Time Shopper Data

Shopper data is a must-have metric for any natural CPG brand that desires to stay ahead of the competition.

However, real-time shopper data takes the game to a whole new level. By understanding consumer trends, needs, and cravings, real-time shopper data offered by Social Nature is invaluable data that can assist your brand in crafting key marketing content and strategy.

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4. Authentic Feedback and Reviews

Generating authentic reviews for your natural product line is easier said than done.

However, Social Nature’s one million-strong community is incentivized to leave product reviews and feedback once they’ve tried your product via digital sampling. With this feature, your brand will stand out with countless reviews.

5. Regional Growth Potential

As an emerging natural CPG brand — you must focus on regional growth.

Product sampling companies must offer regional targeting to ensure your local community has access to your products. Social Nature makes this easy by providing sampling campaigns for your natural CPG brand in key regions.

6. Get Your Products in the Hands of High-Value Consumers With Digital Product Sampling

When it comes to shopping — nothing beats intent.

Product sampling companies with large communities offer a deep pool of shoppers searching for specific products, such as those found in natural CPG brands. At Social Nature, members interested in your natural products can apply to try a free sample, thus driving awareness, authentic reviews, and higher sales.

7. Gain Emails for Retargeting

Product sampling companies gather an immense amount of data, but one of the most essential pieces of information is one of the most basic: emails.

As consumers sign up to try your digital sampling campaign on Social Nature, you’ll have access to their email for future retargeting campaigns.

8. Support New Natural Product Launches

If you’re on the brink of releasing a new natural product — you’ll want to leverage a product sampling company to ensure it’s ready to hit the market running.

Product sampling companies like Social Nature give you clear insights into new natural product performance before you dig your heels in. Product sampling helps build brand loyalty and consumer attention — two essential aspects that will immensely benefit your new natural product launch.

9. Test New Concepts and Innovations

With so much consumer data at your fingertips with a product sampling company, you can test new concepts and innovations to increase your product market fit.

Social Nature provides key data points, such as health goals, store preferences, and dietary preferences. These key metrics are essential in crafting actionable brand strategy and content to appeal to natural brand shoppers further.

10. Gain Competitive Insights

When it’s time to find the right product sampling company — you want to find one that offers more than just consumer insights.

Product sampling companies, such as Social Nature, provide insights into your competition — giving your natural CPG brand a head start.

11. Choose a Product Sampling Company Trusted by Countless CPG Brands

Last but not least, you should always choose a product sampling company that’s trusted by dozens of CPG brands in the USA.

Over 1,000 better-for-you CPG brands trust social Nature — and yours can be next. If you’re ready to speak to a CPG growth strategist to boost your natural brand, book a call today with Social Nature.

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