Marketing campaigns are the backbone of every business — including CPG brands.

In most cases, advertising campaigns can make or break a business, making it necessary to avoid common pitfalls that snare countless emerging and established CPG brands each year. From value perception to the number of products on offer, you’ll discover the ten most common mistakes brands make with their CPG advertising drives.

Not Having a Clear Message or Identity

One of the most common CPG marketing mistakes is lacking a clear message or identity about the product or brand to the consumer.

Consumers want to know what your brand stands for, whether it’s committed to sustainability or locally-sourced ingredients — it must be conveyed during the marketing process.Therefore, your brand needs to make a clear decision about the identity of your brand before the CPG advertising campaign launches.

Launching Too Many Products

Another common mistake experienced by CPG brands is launching too many products too fast.

Let’s say your first CPG advertising campaign was successful, and your brand now has a successful product. This win can suddenly become a failure if your CPG brand decides to replicate the first product launch with too many additional SKUs.

Suddenly, consumers are inundated with multiple products from your brand. Even if the marketing campaign draws customers to the new CPG product — you may have effectively diluted the value of your initial product without increasing revenue.

With this in mind, it’s essential to tap an all-in-one marketing solution like Social Nature to get your new products off the ground with an efficient CPG advertising campaign to new consumers.

Cheap Perception

A significant pitfall for emerging CPG brands is advertising your product at the lowest price.

Consumers, especially in the better-for-you market, want the highest value. By advertising cheap prices, your CPG brand effectively lowers the perceived quality in the consumer’s view.

To increase the perceived value of your products, consider holding your price to command good margins, and invest in product education. You can share how your products are made, what the ingredients are and what they are for. Partnering with health experts to help tell your story to the market & media can also be a good way to support your brand growth and value.

Failing to Target Niche Communities

Many emerging and established CPG brands commit the same mistake year after year — advertising CPG products to everyone.

Although you want to get your product off the shelves, targeting everyone is counterproductive. Instead, focusing on niche communities that want your products are much more efficient during your CPG advertising campaign.

Specifically, Social Nature puts your CPG products in front of thousands of qualified niche shoppers — thus enhancing your overall CPG advertising drive.

Not Using Customer Service as a Form of Advertising

Customers pay attention to how your CPG brand tackles customer service.

Although customer service should always be a top priority, many brands don’t use it as a form of CPG advertising. By offering thoughtful replies to reviews, customers (potential or repeat) will view high-quality customer service as a form of trust, providing additional confidence in your CPG brand.

Not Motivating Consumers to Leave Reviews

The beauty of CPG advertising campaigns is to get your customers to add value to your brand through product reviews.

However, incentivizing your consumers to leave ratings is a challenging task. Luckily, Social Nature drives its community to leave honest reviews in exchange for your CPG brand’s coupons, trial-size products, and other discounts.

Moving into Large Retail Stores Without a Strategy

Having your CPG products stocked at nationwide retail stores is a big step.

Although it’s every CPG brand’s dream, it’s a risky move when your CPG advertising strategy is out of sync. You must have the right amount of capital and proven strategies to drive shelf-turns, and quickly!

Partnering with Social Nature can help ensure your CPG advertising campaign, products, and overall strategy are ready for the big leagues.

Not Motivating Consumers With Digital Product Samples

Consumers enjoy freebies because it allows them to try your products risk-free.

In most case studies, sales jumped after integrating digital product samples with CPG advertising drives. To get the most out of your next CPG advertising campaign, use Social Nature digital sampling solution to get coupons and trial-size products in the hands of qualified consumers and drive repeat sales.

Failing to Use Consumer Insights

Data is the elephant in the room when discussing CPG marketing ROI.

Without in-depth data, your CPG marketing campaign will likely land on deaf ears. Partnering with Social Nature unlocks a sea of crucial consumer insights you can leverage when curating your next CPG product launch.

Not Speaking With a CPG Growth Strategist

Most CPG brands believe they can go it alone when launching new products and marketing campaigns.

However, nearly 85% of CPG brands fail within two years after launch. As you can see — only 15% of CPG brands succeed, which proves that it takes more than luck to succeed in the CPG market.

Overall, CPG brands that speak with a CPG growth strategist will likely win at retail. From successful CPG marketing campaigns to in-depth consumer insights and beyond — there’s no better time than now to book a call with Social Nature.

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