Social Nature x ReGEN brands


Social Nature x ReGEN Brands

Social Nature

Better-for-you product discovery platform powered by 1 million shoppers

Use Social Nature to drive predictable in-store discovery and trial, generate real-time consumer insights, and ongoing product ratings and reviews.

Join the webinar hosted by Anthony Corsaro from ReGEN Brands, Alejandra from Social Nature, and Karl Sutaria from Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots.

The webinar will show you how you can:
  • Engage Social Nature’s community of 1,000,000 health and wellness consumers with product samples and drive trial and new consumer acquisition at retail.
  • Capture valuable product and retailer-specific insights across their shopping journey from discovery to purchase, trial, review, and email opt-ins.
  • Generate real-time product ratings and reviews for your products. You’ll receive a steady stream of fresh authentic reviews to continue building trust and sales across your business.
  • Case study with the CEO of Doozy Pots, a plant-based ice cream