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Move units off the shelf now

Engage Social Nature’s community of 1,000,000 health and wellness consumers to move units off the shelf and acquire new shoppers for your Expo West product launches. 

Grow your CPG brand with one shopper marketing solution

Achieve multiple business objectives without all the cross-functional coordination. We’re like an extension of your team and can help you with one or multiple goals.

Support new retail listings post-expo

Create a winning  shopper marketing strategy, so your new listings become shelf success stories.

De-risk product launches post-expo

Drive predictable in-store impact and get real-time consumer feedback to optimize your product while it’s in-flight.

Increase velocity at key retailers post-expo

Geo-target our community of 1 million natural shoppers to generate predictable lift at the stores you need during a crucial time, post-expo.

Support your product launches post Expo West

Speak to a CPG growth strategist today. In our call, we will:

Discuss your key account strategy and goals.

Explore consumer insights you want to surface.

Determine targeting amongst 1,000,000 natural shoppers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a digital sampling?

Digital sampling is an alternative to in-store demos with better targeting and feedback collection. Social Nature matches your product and audience targeting with shoppers on our platform. Members who are interested in your product will apply to try it. If a member qualifies, they receive a free product voucher to redeem in-store. In exchange, they provide you with their feedback, product rating and review, and email opt-in so you can retarget them on your own channels.

Products redeemed are rung through store registers and may qualify as a velocity turn.

Who is digital sampling for?

Digital sampling can be used by all CPG brands! There are different use cases depending on whether you’re at the Early Stage, High Growth, or Established Brand stage.

Do I need to be in a certain amount of stores for digital sampling to work?

Social Nature’s digital sampling is available for brands with distribution in brick-and-mortar accounts that accept manufacturer’s coupons. We map your distribution to our community of shoppers around your key accounts to determine the volume of sampling available. We typically look for brands with 300+ stores and up and can support key regions of Whole Foods Markets as well.

What is a digital demo?


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