How Wild Planet uses digital product sampling to drive category growth at Walmart & Kroger

Impact at a glance

Wild Planet ran a digital product campaign targeting Kroger and Walmart shoppers between February – June 2021.


consumers expressed interest in trying sustainably caught skipjack tuna


purchase intent


samples of Skipjack Wild Tuna delivered to redeem in-store at Kroger and Walmart


post-trial response rate


star product rating

88% New consumer acquisition

consumers reached that have never tried Wild Planet


email opt-in rate

The Challenge

While Wild Planet’s hero SKU is Albacore Wild Tuna, the majority of sales in the tuna category are driven by light tuna. Wild Planet wanted to increase the visibility of its light tuna SKU, Skipjack Wild Tuna, to capture its fair share of this category segment.

Wild Planet had never sampled their Skipjack Wild Tuna before. So they needed a product sampling partner that could help them bring awareness to the SKU while capturing consumer feedback.

“Our Albacore tuna gets consistently high ratings and we wanted to make sure Skipjack could get the same stellar feedback from consumers.”

– Heather Scott, Senior VP, Marketing, Wild Planet Foods

The Solution

Social Nature’s digital product sampling program helped Wild Planet build awareness for its Skipjack Wild Tuna.

Over 8200 Kroger and Walmart shoppers tried Wild Planet’s tuna and 91% said that they’d buy it again.

Wild Planet drove additional purchases by including a BOGO coupon, allowing shoppers to try other SKUs and stock up on multiple cans.

“We found that our Skipjack tuna could perform at the level of Albacore and consumers loved it!”

– Heather Scott, Senior VP, Marketing, Wild Planet Foods

The Results

Contributing the largest growth to Wild Planet’s CRM

Wild Planet was looking to grow their direct relationships with consumers through their CRM. 39% of shoppers who sampled opted-in to Wild Planet’s mailing list. Digital product sampling contributed the largest annual increase to Wild Planet’s direct consumer relationships: now they get to communicate with and retarget these Kroger and Walmart shoppers on a regular basis to grow their brand loyalty and sales.

Getting in front of new, target consumers

Social Nature helped Wild Planet build awareness and demand for their Wild Skipjack Tuna SKU. 88% of the 18,588 consumers who expressed their interest in trying Wild Planet’s product represented a new audience to the brand. These consumers have never heard of or tried Wild Planet.

The digital product sampling targeting capabilities allowed Wild Planet to sample to shoppers who buy canned seafood and are interested in sustainability.

Aligning sales and marketing objectives

Social Nature offers a retail sampling program that makes both marketing and sales teams happy.

“We’ve worked with other sampling companies in the past, but this one actually provides the in-store traffic and turns we need.”

– Heather Scott, Senior VP, Marketing, Wild Planet Foods

Gaining confidence in their future portfolio

About Wild Planet Foods

Wild Planet’s mission is to reinvigorate our oceans by revolutionizing the fishing industry. They set a higher standard in fishing through selective harvesting. Each tuna is 100% pole and line caught to target select species. This eliminates bycatch and juvenile fish. Wild Planet sources their seafood sustainably by working with small-scale fisheries and community fishermen who share the same mission.

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