How Wild Friends fixed declining velocity at Sprouts

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The Challenge

Wild Friends’ has been at Sprouts for many years. Despite running multiple promotions in support of Sprouts, their velocities remained stagnant or declining. Promotional opportunities at Sprouts are limited and expensive. Wild Friends needed to quickly drive targeted trial and support sustained velocity of their specialty nut butters, so they turned to Social Nature.

The Solution

Wild Friends needed to solve their velocity problem at Sprouts, and their campaign with Social Nature tackled this issue from many different angles. Resulting in long-term growth in velocity, and successfully reaching new shoppers at a retailer where getting consumer attention is always a challenge.

Wild Friends used Social Nature to:

The Results

Reinvigorated listings at Sprouts

Wild Friends were able to successfully de-risk their listing for Classic Creamy Peanut Butter at Sprouts and not lose their placements.

The campaign also effectively increased velocities at Sprouts, quicker than they had seen with any other promotional tactic.


Never before seen sales uplift

The Social Nature campaign had a direct uplift in sales, something they had never seen before with other methods of promotion.


Creating a review database

The reviews collected were a huge win, as Wild Friends has been trying to cultivate a substantial review base for a long time.  They gathered over 2,500 reviews from genuine consumers for their nut butter products during their targeted trial at Sprouts.


Targeting the right shoppers

By using Social Nature Wild Friends was able to target their ideal customer base and give the buyer the complete shopping experience, from finding the product on the shelf, to opening the jar and tasting it at home. This is something an in-store demo can’t compete with.


So good, Wild Friends came back for more!

This campaign was the 1st Wild Friends collaboration with Social Nature to fix declining velocity. Wild Friends are now planning an additional campaign at one of their key accounts, Walmart. The new Walmart campaign will focus on driving trial, pre/post-trial consumer insights to support retailer conversations, and generate more online product reviews for Wild Friends.

Social Nature shopper insights

Wild Friends was able to gain new listings using the insights collected from the Social Nature campaign and is planning to use these in future buyer and broker conversations as well. The way the data is filtered has been beneficial for them. By splitting consumer answers by price, and flavor profile, they can get in-depth answers to what attracts each consumer to the Wild Friends product. These insights on their target consumers will continue to feed into their strategy to retain and find new Sprouts shoppers.

About Wild Friends

One rainy day at the University of Oregon, we were in our college apartment, scraping the bottom of yet another empty jar of peanut butter. As hungry college students and athletes, we ate a lot of nut butter, and on this occasion, neither of us felt like biking to the store in the rain to buy more. So we decided to try making our own nut butter that could meet our high nutrition standards, without compromising on great taste or fun flavors. That day, Wild Friends was born.

We believe food should be delicious and fun, as well as nutritious. We promise to always make our products with short lists of clean ingredients, excluding palm oil, excess sugar, and artificial anything.

– Keeley & Erika, Wild Friends Founders

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