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WHOLISTIC by AOR - A story of acquiring new consumers in an increasingly complex supplement environment

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Why did you sign up to Social Nature?

As a new brand in the market, we needed to establish brand awareness and credibility with consumers and key retailers within an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

We were impressed with Social Nature’s capabilities, including:

Large community of engaged supplement shoppers:

As a supplement brand in Canada, it can be very challenging to do sampling due to Health Canada restrictions around user data. We gained access to Social Nature’s extensive and engaged community, overcoming the need to spend money on direct marketing efforts which can be very expensive, especially in a niche supplement space.

Social Nature’s ability to target the right shoppers ensured that sign-ups were genuinely interested in our products, resulting in high engagement (87% purchase intent post-trial) and new consumer acquisition opportunities for the brand. This was important because we wanted to ensure our marketing dollars were aimed at the right consumers.

The real-time campaign dashboards made the collaboration even more valuable to get an immediate pulse on the consumer market across our four new products.

Leveraging Product Reviews and Email Opt-Ins

Another challenge Social Nature helped us solve was getting product reviews and building our own community of direct consumer relationships.

Social Nature’s product reviews helped us build social proof on our website, and we capitalized on the free email opt-ins (40% opt-in rate!) to help build our own community of engaged brand fans.

What really stands out is how Social Nature’s community is authentic – they keep engaging with our content and the email opening rates from the opt-ins are very high, so we know they are genuinely interested in our brand and products. This goes a long way as it extends the impact of our marketing investment and efforts.

Data for Retailers:

Another benefit of Social Nature’s data and user-generated reviews is to support conversations with retailers: we can show them that consumers value our products and want them on store shelves.

Shelf space has to be earned and is hard to get; the Social Nature investment was well worth it and very helpful in solidifying some of our key account relationships.

Compliant sampling:

Social Nature’s existing user database made it easy for us to reach our target audience without any hassle and without violating Health Canada regulations around user data: a huge hurdle to overcome for supplement brands who are building out their audience! When you are just starting out, you want to get your products into the right people’s hands but it can be very hard to do that when you don’t yet have your own large database. Social Nature was a real help in overcoming this challenge and making it easy for us to drive trial and get valuable feedback.

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