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The Challenge

Smallhold, a producer of gourmet, organic mushrooms, desired to increase sales at key retailers while gaining a better understanding about the purchase habits of their target customers. In the past, the brand had difficulty connecting with in-store shoppers and therefore lacked product, pricing, branding and positioning insights needed to drive sustainable and profitable growth. 


The Solution

Smallhold partnered with Social Nature on a digital product sampling campaign to drive new customers to their particular store addresses. Of the 1,500 campaign participants, 98%  had never heard of the company prior though 91% indicated they liked the product and/or consider it to be their new favorite mushroom brand. 

The Results

Smallhold’s leadership team also gained valuable qualitative insights through Social Nature’s custom insights integration:

  • Better understand why customers choose their brand
  • What promotions are of greatest value to their target consumers
  • Insights from the campaign were used when redesigning their packaging.
  • Leveraged in conversations with retail buyers to make the case that once consumers try Smallhold’s mushrooms, they are likely to become loyal customers.

About Smallhold

Smallhold is on a mission to dramatically shorten the distance between you and fresh, gourmet mushrooms. Their  growing network of organic farms is upending the traditional farming model with patented technology and a sophisticated supply chain, dramatically increasing access to freshly harvested mushrooms.

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