Discover how Shameless Pets achieved 49% repeat purchase rate with new shoppers

Impact at a glance


reviews collected for the Sustainable Dog Treats product


pet owners recruited to Walmart, Petsmart, and Whole Foods Market for free product trial

Increased brand awareness:

76% had never heard of Shameless Pets 

High net promoter score:

9.2 out of 10 would recommend to others

New customer acquisition:

49% of consumers reported repurchasing

Brand switch opportunity:

43% said it was better than their current brand

The Challenge: Competing against large national brands

As a small brand, Shameless Pets faced challenges competing on a national level with major pet brands that have larger share of voice, bigger budgets and shelf presence, yet they also knew that when pet parents try their treats, their pets love them and are likely to become repeat customers. 

They needed a way to drive targeted trial at retail with conscious shoppers but it was hard to do so at scale while ensuring in-store results happened at the same time.

The Solution: Driving targeted trial with qualified shoppers

To drive trial and repeat purchases, Shameless Pets partnered with Social Nature’s pet-loving shopper base to drive targeted trial at Petsmart, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart with the goal to establish brand loyalty and generate ongoing sales.

Social Nature recruited 8,000 pet owners for a free product trial and the program went well.

The results: 49% of consumers reported purchasing Shameless Pets products again!

Not only did Social Nature’s community respond very well to the new product introduction, but also they responded quickly:

Application of Social Nature’s Sampling Insights 

All Social Nature customers get a chance to hear back from consumers after trying their products so that they can identify ways to optimize their marketing strategies.

Shameless Pets used their consumer sampling insights to successfully redesign their packaging to more prominently highlight key nutrients like omega-3s and antioxidants that consumers indicated were important. This responsive approach ensured that the brand aligned with consumer preferences and strengthened its appeal in the market.

Leveraging Product Reviews from Social Nature for retail & e-commerce

Shameless Pets capitalized on the thousands of positive product reviews generated through Social Nature’s platform:

They handpicked some of the best reviews and shared them during retail buyer meetings, effectively showcasing the positive feedback from consumers.

Additionally, they partnered with BazaarVoice to syndicate these reviews across third party e-commerce sites, further amplifying the brand’s reputation and credibility.

Value of Social Nature Compared to Other Marketing Programs:

About Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets is a company on a mission to spread the joy of making a better life for pets and the planet. They achieve this by creating delicious pet treats made with upcycled superfoods, preventing food waste and fighting climate change. Their commitment to sustainable practices and the use of high-quality ingredients sets them apart from conventional alternatives in the pet treat market and aligns with the values of Social Nature’s one million shopper base.

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