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Perfectly concocted cocktails

Founders, Alison and Chloe, met at Harvard Business School and instantly bonded over their love of all things food & drink. They were uninspired by the ready-to-drink versions on the market and were frustrated when trying to recreate their favorite cocktails at home. They were left with ingredients that were hard to source, expensive to buy, and would expire before getting polished off.  

So instead, they started experimenting with all-natural ingredients in a tea bag until they came up with their winning formulas for their Old Fashioned, Skinny Spicy Margarita, Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule, Hot Toddy, and Skinny Cardamom Paloma.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Head over to drinksayso.com.

Sayso cocktails

Got accepted into the Innovation Set… but now what?

Getting chosen amongst thousands of brands for the Innovation Set is a feat in and of itself. However, Alison and Chloe now faced a new challenge: they had 90 days to prove themselves, and word on the street amongst fellow founders was that Social Nature was the platform to do so.

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SAYSO earns permanent position on shelf

To exceed their buyer’s expectations, Alison and Chloe knew they needed to drive velocity, and fast. So the team decided to activate 1,500 campaign participants from Social Nature’s community of 1 million natural shoppers. These participants bought, reviewed, and answered SAYSO’s custom surveys.

The products were a hit with participants. During the campaign, the products sold out quickly and needed to be replenished. In the cocktail mixer category at Sprouts, average sales are 0.2 units per SKU per store per week. SAYSO products were performing exceptionally well at 1.7 units per SKU per store per week. The Sprouts team was beyond impressed, and approved the team to move to the Main Set off of the Innovation set within 1 month of hitting Sprouts shelves!

Sayso cocktails

Velocity ✔ Review syndication ✔ Consumer feedback ✔

Primary objective: Drive velocity for product launch at Sprouts

Alison and Chloe originally came to Social Nature with the goal of velocity and were surprised to see that the campaign generated so much more value than they had anticipated.

The reviews collected from the campaign were repurposed on the brand’s website, helping boost SEO and improving the customers’ shopping experience for DTC. The feedback collected has also been crucial in shaping SAYSO’s future business plans. Although campaign participants loved the product, some felt the price was slightly high. So Alison and Chloe are looking to lower the price through economies of scale down the line

With Social Nature, Alison and Chloe loved that the redemptions were guaranteed. In comparison, in-store demos are only one day long for three hours, so results vary depending on store traffic. Social Nature is a guaranteed method to reach customers and get feedback

Since natural grocery is SAYSO’s main path forward for retail growth, aligning with Social Nature’s better-for-you audience is important in reaching the brand’s sell-through goals.

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