Primal Kitchen uses digital product sampling to grow sales and exceed retailer scorecards

Impact at a glance

The cumulative results from 15 campaigns spanning the USA and Canada. Retailers include Kroger, Walmart, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and other natural channels.


consumers applied to try Primal Kitchen products


average purchase intent


average post-trial response rate


star product rating


email opt-in rate

The Challenge

It’s no secret that traditional in-store sampling has changed since 2020. Primal Kitchen needed a solution that could do more than put samples into mouths.

They were set on finding a sampling solution that could do it all.

Traditional sampling methods drive trial, but it’s difficult to reach the right people, measure purchase intent, and systematize the feedback process.

“My number one goal was to reach new buyers to drive trial and engagement on new items and core staples. And find a way to measure purchase intent and generate feedback.”

Kelly Meredith, Shopper Marketing Manager, Primal Kitchen

The Solution: Product Sampling

Social Nature’s digital sampling solution fits Primal Kitchen’s criteria with the bonus of ratings, reviews, email opt-ins, and building relationships with consumers directly to support cross-channel sales.

Driving targeted trial at key retail accounts for new product launches

For new product launches, Primal Kitchen’s items are distributed at an exclusive retailer or select accounts. The digital product sampling targeting capabilities allow Primal Kitchen to target high value consumers who live within 6 miles of their key accounts.

Over 15 campaigns across the USA and Canada have been completed. For each campaign, they can customize their criteria by:

  • Retailer(s)
  • Shoppers interests
  • Shoppers dietary preferences
  • How often a shopper purchases a particular category

Only community members who meet the specified criteria are eligible for a free product sample.

The Results

Sampling through Social Nature resulted in three outcomes for Primal Kitchen: positive retailer scorecards, a deeper understanding of their consumer, and repeat purchase on D2C.

1. Influencing sales and retailer scorecards with Product Reviews

Before Social Nature, Primal Kitchen could only generate 10-15 product reviews per new product. By using digital product sampling, Primal Kitchen generated over 2100 reviews for three SKUs in three months. All the reviews seamlessly syndicated to their D2C and retailers’ sites through Social Nature’s integrations with Okendo and Bazaarvoice.

Primal Kitchen exceeded their requirements on Retailer Scorecards due to the volume of authentic reviews. This is a win for their existing and new items.

2. Gaining a deeper understanding of the consumer to adapt to changing tastes in-market

Each campaign comes with a custom pre- and post-trial survey. Any Social Nature member who applies to try a Primal Kitchen product must fill out a pre-trial survey. The survey data helps Primal Kitchen confirm its assumptions and discover new insights.

Repositioning products

Primal Kitchen gained a deeper understanding of what certifications and product attributes mattered to the consumer. The feedback led them to make changes on pack to make key attributes more prominent.

Changing product names

Through the reviews, they discovered consumers found one of the product names confusing. This led to a product name change.

Comparing geographic audiences

Since Primal Kitchen sampled products with both American and Canadian users, they were able to surface differences between the two consumers and better understand the two markets.

Identifying cross-sell opportunities

The reviews and insights also allowed Primal Kitchen to identify cross-sell opportunities for future campaigns, coupons, and remarketing activities.

Bonus: Driving additional online repeat purchases through primalkitchen.com

The primary objective of the sampling campaigns is to drive targeted trial at retail by sending consumers into stores to pick up a free product. Primal Kitchen also offered Social Nature community members a 25% off discount code that could be redeemed on their D2C website.

687 consumers were brought back online to shop cross-channel on Primal Kitchen’s D2C website after the campaign. This resulted in over $32,000 of D2C sales. In addition, 36% of consumers who sampled opted-in to Primal Kitchen’s mailing list. Now Primal Kitchen can continue to re-engage with these shoppers.

Digital product sampling is a key to Primal Kitchen’s new product launches

About Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen is on a mission to change the way the world eats. They’re empowering folks to keep their favorite foods on the menu through real-food pantry staples.

The product lines are made with real, simple, exceptional ingredients—like avocado oil, and collagen—that contain no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar, or soy.

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