Find out how NotCo gained 47% repeat purchase rate at Sprouts following a product launch

Impact at a glance


Consumers repurchased NotCo after the initial free trial


star product rating


Consumers engaged with the campaign and were given a free product voucher to try Chicken Patties at Sprouts


Consumers introduced to NotCo for the first time


Reviews collected for Plant-Based Chicken Patties

The Challenge

NotCo launched a new product, Plant-Based Chicken Patties in Sprouts, and wanted to get the launch off to a strong start. They needed to increase velocity in-store, drive trial and new customer acquisition, boost brand awareness and collect consumer reviews.

Consumer reviews were particularly important for NotCo as they do not market DTC. NotCo wanted to quickly gain authentic and detailed reviews on their website and third-party retailer websites to support the product launch.

The Solution

Social Nature was able to quickly connect a community of 1 million natural-product-loving consumers with NotCo and drive velocity and reviews for their Plant-Based Chicken Patties.

NotCo used Social Nature to support their launch at Sprouts:

  • A guaranteed way to move units and increase velocity
  • Valuable consumer insights pre and post-trial
  • User-generated content for social and reviews to syndicate to third-party retailer websites

The Results

15% increase in velocity

Social Nature supported a positive impact at retail and contributed to a 15% increase in velocity for NotCo’s Plant-Based Chicken Patties combined with other shopper tactics.

Reviews, reviews, reviews

Being able to easily generate reviews for our target market and syndicate these was very important to NotCo. They collected over 5,312 reviews and more and still coming in each day.

Applying consumer insights across the business

NotCo’s portfolio and innovation team uses the consumer insights provided by Social Nature. In particular, the pre/post-trial insights which used to determine the results of overall marketing and communication strategies.

A communicative team to work with

The Social Nature team followed up, both midway and upon completion of the campaign. They guided NotCo through the data, highlight key points, and offered action items to take after the campaign finished.

About NotCo

We are a group of people with a common goal: to reinvent the food industry — one delicious mouthful at a time. We are here to change the everyday, for everyone and everywhere. With our AI genius Giuseppe, we have managed to replicate animal products, but instead use plants and vegetables. And make them even better.

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