Nature’s Fynd x Social Nature Case Study

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Expansion into WFM regions campaign: Impact at a glance


of consumers had never heard of the brand, only 6% had tried one of their products.


said it was better than expected


month follow-up survey from 2022 campaigns- 41% went back and bought again


Q: What was the main reason that you started working with Social Nature?

A: During our initial retail launch, Nature’s Fynd was looking for new tactics to grow brand awareness and drive consumers to purchase. For brands that are only available in brick-and-mortar retail, it is difficult to find programs that can not only identify target consumers, but also close the loop to conversion. Given Social Nature’s consumer-friendly platform, it seemed like a great opportunity to find and track new consumers, through the purchase funnel.

Q: What marketing challenges has Social Nature helped/helping you solve?

A: In the early days of our retail launch, we had limited distribution and Social Nature was able to identify target consumers within our target geographies and match them to our brand.    Given we were only available in a small number of retail locations, it was helpful to zero in on specific zip codes. 

Social Nature  is one of the more targeted approaches to identify where our consumers are and connect them with the brand at the point of purchase – where our products are sold.

Q: What is an example of how Social Nature supported positive impact at retail? 

A: We absolutely saw sales grow during Social Nature campaigns, especially for new product launches and as we expanded to major national retailers. 

Additionally, the opportunity to provide consumers with repeat coupons proved to be effective – we  had some of the highest redemption rates on these coupons, compared to other coupons we distributed. 

Q: What is an example of how you have applied consumer feedback & insights across your business?  

A: The reviews were incredibly helpful in helping us gather consumer feedback. We shared these reviews with our product development team and have used them to help guide product renovation and innovation. 

Q: What is an example of how you have leveraged the product reviews from Social Nature?

A: We use Social Nature’s product reviews as a tool to measure purchase intent and brand affinity – which can be difficult and expensive to track for an emerging brand. One of the benefits is that reviews become available instantly, which allows us to get real-time consumer feedback. 

Q: Compared to other marketing programs that you have tried – what stands out as the most valuable with Social Nature?

A: The percentage of redemptions is significant compared to other couponing programs. Having verification that people redeemed through the program is really important for us. Plus, with the data that Social Nature provides, we know we are getting the RIGHT consumers to try our products. 

Q: If you could only say one thing about Social Nature, what would be the biggest impact of your working relationship with us?

A: The biggest impact is from the platform and tools that you have to identify our target consumer and serve them an opportunity to try the product. We have tested a lot of other platforms – direct mail and other digital tools are some examples. Social Nature is the only one that we found that can connect the dots through to in store sales. 

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