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Gnubees Partners with Social Nature for Market Expansion

Increased Brand Awareness from 0 to 30%

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The Challenge

Functional fruit shake brand, Gnubees, was looking to increase velocity at key retailers, including HEB. The challenge though is that the product wasn’t  sold at all retail addresses within the banner, so Gnubees loved Social Nature’s unique ability to hyper-target by store address. 

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The Solution

Gnubees partnered with Social Nature on a digital product sampling campaign, activating 2,500 ideal target consumers, 98% of whom had not heard of Gnubees prior. Throughout the campaign, over 1,000 authentic reviews were generated and 32% of campaign participants opted-in to receive emails from Gnubees. In a post-trial survey, 82% of those who sampled Gnubees indicated they liked the products and/or now consider it to be their favorite beverage brand. 

The Results

As a result of the sampling campaign, Gnubees went from 0-30% brand awareness in markets in which they have activations. In addition, the organization saw unit velocity increases at several key retailers, including HEB. Survey data from the campaign was leveraged with both buyers and investors to share retailer-specific purchase data, showcasing new customer affinity with the brand. 

About Gnubees

Gnubees is a beverage company dedicated to putting consumers and the environment before bottom lines. Their drinks are formulated with loving care and are based in science, containing only the highest quality ingredients. The brand is committed to transparency and sustainability. Gnubees is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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