Learn how Free2b found new consumers and improved velocity at Sprouts

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The Challenge

Free2b is a small, self-funded brand, with a limited budget, and on a big mission. Striving to create delicious treats that people with food allergies can enjoy safely. A big challenge Free2b faced was reaching new long-term consumers who wanted to buy their products while improving velocity with existing retailers simultaneously.

Free2b used Social Nature to:

  • Grow awareness in key regions and drive targeted trial of Free2b Sunflower Butter Cups at Sprouts
  •  Gain pre/post-trial consumer insights on their sunflower butter cups
  • Generate online product reviews and collect email opt-ins

The Solution

Social Nature was able to support a positive impact at retail for Free2b instantly with Sprouts. Free2b had faster than forecasted reorders at Sprouts and the retailer signed up to bring in a seasonal Free2b product for the first time ever.

This is all due to the Social Nature campaign and successful targeting of the right consumer demographic who want allergy-friendly products. The consumers introduced throughout the campaign with Social Nature are now excited to continue to buy Free2b products.

The Results

Discovered a new customer segment to target

Consumer insights from the Social Nature campaign highlighted an additional benefit of the Free2b sunflower butter cups, they are allergy-friendly and also non-dairy.

The non-dairy messaging wasn’t being used to its full potential, and this was discovered to be a huge purchase driver within the consumers sampled. Free2b can now alter its marketing strategy to cater to the non-dairy segment, without having to change anything about the physical product!

Social Nature helps grow CPG brands

Social Nature had access to the right set of consumers with the mindset of exploring new products, as opposed to only being there for freebies. You can build the profile of your ideal consumer and Social Nature will connect your product with them. 65% of consumers who sampled Free2b products had never heard of the brand before, this increase in brand awareness is invaluable for a small CPG brand with a limited budget.


Happy retailer and improved relationships

Sprouts needed to reorder products faster than forecast due to the high coupon redemption, and impact at market. Free2b can immediately see for themselves that they have reached the right consumers using Social Nature.


Ongoing traction post-sampling campaign at the retailer

Free2b experienced a new type of sampling with Social Nature. Instead of shipping the products to consumers, they could offer new consumers a typical shopping experience at a retailer they are familiar with, and then take the product home to sample. This method of sampling led to ongoing traction at the retailer’s post-sampling campaign for Free2b.

About Free2b

At Free2b we know it can be hard to feed your family foods you can trust. Our passion to create delicious and safe foods comes from our personal experiences navigating life with food allergies. We get it. That is why you’ll find all of the Free2b products are allergy friendly and free from common food allergens including gluten, soy, egg, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, and more.

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