Social Nature's Impact on Eclipse Foods' Product Launch and Brand Growth

Impact at a glance


Members who lived around Eclipse Foods Key accounts were driven into store to try their plant based ice cream


had never heard of the brand prior to demonstrating interest and getting  VIP coupon to try


of those that tried said it was better than their expectations


said they would buy again

Over half the members who tried said it was better than the traditional ice cream brands they’ve previously purchased


months later, these members were re-surveyed and 40% of 414 respondents said they have already purchased again

Members interested in Eclipse Foods Plant Based Ice Cream also purchased traditional cow’s milk ice cream, as well as other plant based ice creams


Eclipse Foods is on a mission to create a more sustainable, responsible, and humane food system by offering incredibly delicious plant-based products. They are dedicated to reducing the negative impact of the food industry on the environment while providing consumers with enjoyable and eco-friendly options. Eclipse Foods partnered with Social Nature to drive trial, increase brand awareness, and gain valuable consumer insights.

The Challenge

When launching a new product in the competitive food industry, Eclipse Foods faced several challenges. They needed to ensure they reached their target audience and encourage repeat purchases. Additionally, they lacked brand awareness in certain retail locations, making it crucial to de-risk the launch and gather insights for future product development.

The Solution

Social Nature provided a reliable marketing platform that addressed these challenges through driving consumers directly to the shelf and collecting real-time data insights across the consumer journey and path to purchase.

By leveraging Social Nature’s platform, Eclipse Foods was able to drive trial at key new retailers and gain feedback from actual consumers. The platform’s intuitive dashboard and accessible data presentation allowed Eclipse Foods to make informed decisions and identify areas for product improvements.

Impact at Retail

Social Nature played a significant role in supporting Eclipse Foods’ product launch. They tracked weekly velocities and analyzed data to assess the direct impact of the marketing campaigns on sales. This analysis ensured that Eclipse Foods was on par or exceeding category velocity benchmarks. Consequently, they were able to increase unit velocity, leading to impressive sales growth.

Application of Consumer Feedback & Insights:

To improve their products and address consumer preferences, Eclipse Foods combed product reviews gathered through Social Nature’s platform. This process allowed them to identify overarching themes and shared the feedback with their product development team. The insights helped to inform product renovations and optimal product assortment for specific retailers.

If you could only say one thing about Social Nature, what would be the biggest impact of your working relationship with us?

Reliability. You know exactly what you are going to get. You cannot say that about many many other marketing tactics. A performance reliable output more specifically. And super clear in terms of the real time data updates is also very helpful and gives us the confidence to invest in the platform.


Eclipse Foods’ collaboration with Social Nature proved to be an essential driver in achieving product trials and increased brand awareness. By analyzing consumer feedback and insights, Eclipse Foods made strategic decisions to enhance their products, leading to better customer satisfaction and an overall positive impact on their business

  • Targeted trial at retail: Social Nature helped Eclipse Foods reach 6,250 targeted shoppers who lived around key accounts.
  • Increased brand awareness: 72% of these members had never heard of the brand before but expressed interest in trying their plant-based ice cream after receiving a VIP coupon.
  • Repeat purchases: 74% of the participants indicated that they would buy the product.

Social Nature’s performance-driven approach and user-friendly experience provided Eclipse Foods with a marketing solution that outperformed conventional alternatives, making it a key factor in their success in the plant-based food industry.

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