Dr. Praeger’s acquires 71% repeat purchasers at retail after digital product sampling

Impact at a glance

Dr. Praeger’s tapped into the Social Nature community to launch two new products: the Perfect Turk’y Burger and Perfect Sliders. Three months later, they surveyed users who tried their products to measure post-purchase behavior.


consumers applied to try Dr. Praeger’s


of consumers repurchased the Burger or Sliders


post-trial response rate


star product rating

75% New consumer acquisition

consumers reached that have never tried Dr. Praeger’s


email opt-in rate

The Challenge

Dr. Praeger’s has been in business for over 25 years. For previous new product launches, they let the market dictate their success. Dr. Praeger’s knew they needed a proactive strategy to raise awareness and promote new products in this increasingly competitive market.

To gain market share and grow the category, they needed a solution that would help them reach new consumers who shopped the plant-based category.

The Solution: Product Sampling

Through Social Nature’s Digital Demo solution, Dr. Praeger’s is able to support new product launches at key accounts while acquiring net new customers to their brand.

Digital product sampling helps Dr. Praeger’s build online demand with Social Nature’s community of health and wellness shoppers. With plant-based foods becoming more mainstream, 72% of Social Nature’s community buy plant-based foods, regardless of dietary preference.

Targeting plant-based burger shoppers

Dr. Praeger’s wanted to target shoppers who specifically bought plant-based burgers, rather than users who regularly purchased plant-based dairy products. Users who applied to try the Burger and Sliders free samples filled out a pre-trial survey that provided Dr. Praeger’s with additional data points to qualify their target consumer.

Thousands of reviews. 4.4/5 star product rating.

Dr. Praeger’s e-commerce site had no reviews, but they were able to capture thousands of reviews with an average star rating of 4.4/5. Now prospective customers had the validation they needed to make a purchase in-store or online.

Above average opt-ins to Dr. Praeger’s mailing list

An average of 47% of users who tried Dr. Praeger’s products opted-in to their mailing list to receive communication directly from the brand. This opt-in rate is 57% above the campaign average of 30% opt-in rates. Users truly love Dr. Praeger’s frozen plant-based products and the results of the post-trial survey reinforce consumer interest.

Driving 71% repeat purchase three months post-trial

Digital product sampling drove velocity during the campaign periods and after too.

In a three month post-trial survey, Dr. Praeger’s discovered that 71% of respondents repurchased the Perfect Sliders or Perfect Turk’y Burger at least once.

Since trying Dr. Praeger’s Sliders, 69% of respondents purchased the product again. During the trial period, majority of consumers picked up their product at Publix and the same behavior is seen post-trial.


units purchased per person


purchased the Sliders 2x


purchased the Sliders 3x


buy the Sliders in addition to category products they already buy


replaced other frozen sliders with Dr. Praeger’s Sliders

Since trying Dr. Praeger’s Burgers, 72% of respondents purchased the product again.


units purchased per person


purchased the Burgers 2x


purchased the Burgers 3x


buy the Burgers in addition to category products they already buy


replaced traditional veggie and alt-meat burgers for Dr. Praeger’s Burgers

A core component of new product launches

As Dr. Praeger’s plans for 2022 product launches, Social Nature is an integral part of their new product launches.

Each new sampling campaign gives Dr. Praeger’s the ability to experiment with different coupon promotions or iterate on another brand’s successful tactics. For example, Dr. Praeger’s is taking some learnings from another client by producing their own coupon booklet.

“We want this coupon booklet and other follow-up promotions to drive velocity at key retailers, encourage repeat purchase, and incentivize trial for other Dr. Praeger’s products,” states Austin.

About Dr. Praeger’s

Founded by two heart surgeons in 1994, Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods® creates healthy and delicious frozen food to help people adopt better eating habits.

Dr. Praeger’s products focus on simple, nutritious ingredients for great-tasting, convenient products that families love.

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