How Brainiac’s in-store lift at Walmart, Meijer, and Publix after using Social Nature

Impact at a glance


Consumer purchase intent


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Reviews collected across 2 product lines


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Consumers were given a voucher to try Applesauce at Walmart, Meijer, and Publix

The Challenge

Brainiac’s applesauce product contains brain-boosting ingredients like Omega-3s and Choline, and they needed a way to drive trial and collect reviews to show consumers that it not only contains critical brain nutrients, it tastes better than your average applesauce!

Brainiac also wanted to make sure consumers really understood the importance of the added brain nutrients their products contain, this required consumer education.

The Solution

The Social Nature campaign was a key part of Brainiac’s launch plan for their Applesauce product. Social Nature has access to 1M+ natural shoppers, and Brainiac was able to connect with 8,000 better-for-you shoppers who fitted their target demographic.

Brainiac understood that reviews were essential to proving that their applesauce tastes great despite the innovative ingredients. They used Social Nature to source reviews, drive trial and get in front of new customers and find repeat purchasers.

The Results


Brainiac gathered over 7,000 reviews from genuine consumers for their Applesauce product during their targeted trial at Walmart, Meijer, and Publix.


In-store lift at Walmart, Meijer and Publix

During the Social Nature campaign, Brainiac saw a lift in-store and after the campaign finished. The most noticeable impact is that they grew significantly at Walmart.

Social Nature was a key performer in their Meijer and Publix launches. At the time of launch, Brainiac didn’t have an optimal shelf placement and the campaign drove new shoppers and helped people find the product in-store.


Strengthened relationships with retailers

Brainiac found the store-level insights that came from the campaign helpful to strengthen relationships with their current retailers. The insights contributed towards making a case as to why Brainiac would be a good product to stock in other retailers.


Social Nature is an all-in-one shopper marketing platform

Brainiac was able to achieve their shopper marketing goals which included, increasing velocity, supporting new listings, gaining customer reviews and insights, and targeted trial at their key retailers.

About Brainiac

Brainiac was started as part of our pursuit to provide the healthiest and smartest food for our own kids. With the help of experts, we realized that most kids are not getting enough of the right brain nutrients from their diets. We brought together pediatricians, neurologists, and nutritionists and developed Brainiac. Real and delicious food to support brain health.

Brainiac now stocks applesauce, fruit & veggie squeezies, nut butters, and vitamins.

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