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The Challenge

The main challenge for Bare Bones was to establish a direct line of communication with their consumers. They needed a quick feedback loop for a new product line to make an informed business decision on the future of the product.

Bare Bones used Social Nature to:

The Solution

One platform with all the benefits

Social Nature offered an opportunity to drive trial for new products, assist with in-store launches, gain valuable early consumer feedback, and find out the cross-selling potential for their products.

The Results

Detailed consumer insights

Bare Bones’ main goal was to get detailed consumer insights quickly for a new product and make an informed decision on a new product’s longevity. Although they met benchmarks and Whole Foods Market wanted to continue the product line, Bare Bones decided to discontinue the product largely because of the feedback they got from consumers from the Social Nature demo.

The feedback gathered from the Social Nature campaign led Bare Bones to table the product for now and focus on other products that have more traction.

Feedback to share with the buyer

The Social Nature sampling campaign helped with early sales numbers and drove trial. This meant they had post-trial feedback to share with their buyer at Whole Foods Market. The quantifiable data and soundbites were invaluable for buyer meetings.

About Bare Bones

We’re Ryan and Katherine Harvey, a husband and wife team living our best life with our two children, Ansel and Norah, and two rescue pups, Murph and Grace.

In 2013, fueled by a juxtaposition of extreme busyness and our passion for healthy AND delicious food, we started Bare Bones with the first-ever grass-fed beef and organic chicken bone broths to help keep us nourished when at home and on the go.

We’re on a mission to reimagine broth as a fun, healthy and delicious source of nourishment for better meals, better energy, and better living. We want to meet you wherever you are with nourishing, great-tasting products in a form that best fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s as a base for a home-cooked meal, or an energizing sipping snack, we got you covered.

-Ryan & Katherine Harvey, Co-Founders, Bare Bones

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