Bakery On Main increases total annual sales by 50% at Kroger with Social Nature

Impact at a glance

50% total sales increase

in 2021 compared to prior year at Kroger

168% increase in sales

for grain-free granolas compared to prior year at Kroger

77% new consumer acquisition

consumers reached that have never tried Bakery On Main

23,500 reviews

syndicated across retail networks


purchase intent


star rating across all campaigns


reported that Bakery On Main is better than competitor brands

The Challenge

Once you get your products onto retail shelves, the hard work doesn’t stop. You’ll need sufficient marketing support to drive discovery and trial to move them off the shelf. For high-growth brands, you have a lot to prove in order to expand at retail.

Bakery On Main needed a shopper marketing partner who could provide a full-service solution to support new product launches, growth in key regions, and scale at conventional retailers like Kroger.

The Solution

Social Nature’s gave Bakery On Main the support it needed to launch new products like grain-free granola as well as give additional support to existing products like instant superfood oatmeal at Kroger.

Social Nature offers a full-funnel solution, taking consumers through a complete shopping journey from discovery to purchase, trial, review, and email opt-ins.


Over 50% increased sales at Kroger with digital product sampling

Bakery On Main has run multiple product sampling campaigns with Social Nature. An important key account for them is Kroger. As a natural brand, once you’ve grown in natural channels, you want to expand into conventional to continue to grow your brand.

Social Nature impact across all product sampling campaigns

When we add together the impact of all the digital product sampling campaigns that Bakery On Main has run, we can see the compounding benefits.


The benefit of 23,500+ product reviews

To date, Bakery On Main has received over 23,500 product reviews with an average star rating of 4.5/5. This amount of reviews has extended their omnichannel reach.

The volume of reviews signals trust with both retailers and consumers. New and existing retail buyers feel confident with listing Bakery On Main’s products. The consistent and fresh flow of reviews from always-on sampling campaigns has improved their SEO rankings on major search engines. The product ratings are visible on search,  providing further social proof for potential consumers to click into Bakery On Main’s products.

Another key advantage of having a lot of ratings and reviews is improved keyword search on certain retailers websites. High product ratings can increase your visibility on retailers’ search algorithms.


Acquiring new target consumers

Social Nature offers a huge new consumer acquisition opportunity for Bakery On Main. 77% of consumers who sampled had never tried Bakery On Main before, allowing them to acquire new target consumers who are more likely to convert to repeat customers. In fact, 87% of consumers who tried the product said they would buy Bakery On Main again.


Getting competitive insights from consumers

The breakfast aisle can feel like a crowded place with household organic and conventional names. Through digital product sampling, Bakery On Main received competitive insights from consumers.

In post-trial surveys, 82% of consumers reported that Bakery On Main was a bit better or much better than competitor brands. This baseline helped Bakery On Main understand how they’re perceived against more well-known competitors.

Digital product sampling are the always-on shopper marketing strategy

Bakery On Main continues to use Social Nature as an always-on shopper marketing strategy. They activate consistent campaigns throughout the year at various retailers to support new and core SKUs.

About Bakery on Main

Bakery On Main was founded in 1992 inside a small natural foods market in Connecticut. They create delicious gluten-free and celiac-friendly breakfast and snack foods. Everyone can enjoy their tasty and healthy snacks, from decadent granolas to instant superfood oatmeals.


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