How Awake Chocolate used Social Nature to proactively support their new listings at The Fresh Market

Impact at a glance


Consumer purchase intent


star product rating


Consumers engaged and were given a free product voucher to try Awake Chocolate at The Fresh Market


Reviews collected for the Caffeinated Chocolate Bites product

The Solution

Awake Chocolate needed to support their new listing at The Fresh Market quickly and looked to Social Nature for help with their shopper marketing. Their campaign with Social Nature proved to the retailer that Awake Chocolate was investing in the retailer partnership and proactively supporting the product in-store. 


The next most important goal of the campaign was to drive sell-through at retail and generate consumer insight data. Awake Chocolate would then be able to return to The Fresh Market and prove that consumers were receptive to the product and had a high purchase intent.


Awake Chocolate used Social Nature to support their listing at The Fresh Market:

  • Drive targeted trial of Awake Chocolate at The Fresh Market
  • Gain pre/post-trial consumer insights
  • Generate online product reviews for new product innovation

The Results

DTC conversions

Awake Chocolate saw a sales lift during the Social Nature campaign at The Fresh Market. In addition to the in-store sales lift, Awake Chocolate tracked website traffic from Social Nature on Google Analytics which led to conversions on DTC.


So many reviews!

Social Nature engaged their community of  1 million natural-product shoppers, generating over 1,400+ reviews and ultimately, saving Awake Chocolate money compared to their previous review engine, Amazon.


Real-time consumer insights

Consumer feedback was collected in the pre/post-trial reviews for the Awake Chocolate Caffeinated Chocolate Bites. Now knowing the most important part of their products to consumers, 1 bite of chocolate contains ½ cup of coffee while containing 90 calories or less, Awake Chocolate can now update their marketing messaging to reach new consumers.


Fairtrade certified high on the agenda

Consumer feedback from the Social Nature campaign amplified the importance of becoming Fairtrade certified to Awake Chocolate’s core consumers.


Consumer data for retailer conversations

Awake Chocolate used the Social Nature campaign as an example of the effort they would put into future retailer partnerships at new retailers.

About Awake Chocolate

AWAKE Chocolate offers a delicious, convenient, and effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks that give you focus and energy when you need it most. AWAKE Bites contain between 60 and 90 calories per bite, depending on the flavor, and are made with simple ingredients. AWAKE has a wide product offering, ranging from bites to bars in various flavors. All are free from artificial colors or flavors, certified gluten-free, and kosher. Dark chocolate varieties (including Dark Chocolate Mint) are also Non-GMO Project Verified and vegan friendly. Stay connected by following AWAKE Chocolate on Instagram @awakechocolate, on Facebook @AwakeChocolate, and on Twitter @AwakeChocolate, or by visiting awakechocolate.com.

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