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AOR Repositions declining products resulting in 133% sales lift using Social Nature

Impact at a glance

12 declining products reclaimed

and contributing 6% of total annual sales


consumers applied to try AOR


average purchase intent


average review response rate

The Challenge

The supplement space is increasingly competitive. For premium-priced products like AOR, it can be a challenge for retailers to choose their innovations over cheaper competitors.

AOR needed to tap into an audience of their ideal consumers to gather insights to validate their product offerings with retailers and reclaim products that weren’t moving off the shelf.

The Solution

Social Nature’s community of 750,000+ wellness shoppers is the ideal audience AOR needed to get feedback on their products.

The direct digital sampling program sent AOR products to consumers’ homes for trial and review.

Each sampling program comes with a pre- and post-trial survey. Questions can be customized based on the brand’s retail and marketing goals. AOR had a goal to turn around declining products. They asked questions that sought to understand the key product attributes and features consumers valued.

The Results

Reclaiming declining products results in a 133% sales lift post-trial

The insights from Social Nature’s direct digital sampling program provided the data AOR needed to turn around their declining products.

AOR repositioned its vegan omega 3 supplement by changing the order of the product attributes. Six months post-campaign, the product’s sales increased by 133%.

The success of this repositioning led AOR to reposition an entire product line of 12 items. This line now went from costing AOR to contributing to its bottom line. The reclaimed products now accounted for 6% of total annual sales. This turnaround is significant considering AOR has over 250 products in its portfolio.

With sales data on hand and further consumer demand and purchase intent insights from Social Nature, AOR was able to get onto more shelves over their cheaper competitors.

AOR on turning around its vegan omega 3 product.

About AOR

AOR are change-makers in the supplement space. Since 1991, their mission is to empower people to live their best lives through evidence-based, natural health products.

It started with Dr. Traj Nibber’s empathic frustration with the supplement industry. He was contacted by People with AIDS (PWA) advocacy groups who needed help sourcing formulations.

As he began his search, he realized that the industry was failing to evaluate new evidence that would make supplements more bioavailable to people. He took it upon himself to source and compound the formulations required by PWA. Others heard of his helpfulness, and this led him to expand his services and create AOR.

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