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Ancient Nutrition achieves 33% repeat purchase at retail and online through Social Nature’s digital sampling program

Impact at a glance


of consumers repurchased Ancient Nutrition three months later


of consumers who repurchased Ancient Nutrition buy it in addition to other brands


consumers applied to try the samples


star product rating


have never tried Ancient Nutrition: a huge consumer acquisition opportunity


email opt-in rate

The Challenge

Ancient Nutrition’s challenge was to increase shopper marketing effectiveness at key retail accounts like Sprouts, Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and H-E-B in two highly competitive supplement categories: Bone Broth Protein and Collagen.

The Solution: Product Sampling

Targeting the right consumers to drive repeat sales at specific stores can be hard to do really well, yet Ancient Nutrition was able to achieve 33% repeat sales with Social Nature’s digital sampling programs.

7000 high-value consumers were recruited for a direct-to-home sampling campaign that included a $10 off coupon with a call to action to purchase the full-size products in-store at Sprouts and online.

Social Nature offers a full-funnel solution

Through Social Nature’s digital product sampling program, Ancient Nutrition also received consumer insights through pre and post-trial surveys, 4700+ authentic ratings and reviews, and 25% of consumers who tried their product opted-in to the Ancient Nutrition mailing list. Plus, they drove additional sales by including an extra $10 off coupon.

“The post-trial survey is really interesting to us. We found the results surprising and insightful and shared it with the wider team: Brand, R&D, and Sales.”

Taylor Salazar, Retail Marketing Manager, Ancient Nutrition

Through the post-trial survey, the Ancient Nutrition team learned:


of consumers wanted to buy Ancient Nutrition at Target, even though it wasn’t part of the original campaign plan. They can now use this data with Target buyers to get their products into more Target stores.


of consumers said they’d like to buy Ancient Nutrition with 62% saying they’d buy it at least once every couple of months


of consumers immediately redeemed their $10 off coupon and 60% expressed their intent to redeem the $10 off coupon

33% of consumers repurchased Ancient Nutrition three months later

A three-month post-trial survey was sent to community members who tried the products in this campaign: 33% of respondents who tried Ancient Nutrition bought it again and many of them replaced their brand of choice with Ancient Nutrition.


of consumers replaced other collagen supplements with Ancient Nutrition


27% replaced other protein supplements with Ancient Nutrition

For members who bought again, 34% repurchased at Sprouts and 26% repurchased on Amazon. Sprouts has a strong whole body section in their stores and the 26% who repurchased on Amazon represents consumers’ omnichannel shopping behavior.

Supplements are a competitive category and the survey revealed that 44% of consumers who repurchased Ancient Nutrition buy it in addition to other brands. This helps show the retailer category incrementality.

Ancient Nutrition will launch digital product sampling at Vitamin Shoppe and Sprouts

Ancient Nutrition is excited to continue using Social Nature’s sampling campaigns to support more retailers to reach retail goals faster.

About Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition’s mission is to transform the health of everyone on the planet with history’s most powerful superfoods. Their products are rich in whole foods and supportive ingredients with a formula for everyone!

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