Alpha Foods grows unit sales velocity by 20% at key retailers with Social Nature

Impact at a glance

20% increased unit sales velocity

at key retailer accounts nationwide.

70,000 new consumers

applied to try Alpha Foods to support new product launches in key regions.

8,000+ 4-star product reviews

syndicated to support SEO & online sales growth.

The Challenge

There are plenty of plant-based products to try, and the options continue to blossom. To build buzz around its newest product launches, Alpha Foods needed to drive trial in its core regions.

The Solution: Digital Sampling

Social Nature’s digital product sampling helped Alpha Foods geo-target consumers, drive trial, and gain important feedback on the new innovations, including plant-based burritos, pizza, and nuggets.

Social Nature provides a full-funnel solution, guiding consumers through a complete shopping journey — from discovery to purchase, trial, review, and email opt-ins. Digital sampling is a key component of building a brand thoughtfully and efficiently.


Boosted brand awareness and new consumer acquisition

Of the nearly 70,000 consumers who opted in to try Alpha Foods’ products, about 70% had never heard of the brand. Through digital sampling, the brand honed in on a huge consumer acquisition opportunity in just a few months.


20% increase in unit sales velocity at key retailer accounts

95% of the consumers in the trial shopped at key retailer accounts, leading to a unit velocity increase of 20% and strengthening retailer relationships nationwide. This especially helped boost the brand in previously lagging regions.

More than 8,000+ 4 star new product reviews to support SEO and online sales growth

Through various Social Nature campaigns across retailer websites, Alpha Foods has received over 8,000 4 star reviews. This improved the brand’s SEO ranking and enrich consumer education. Additionally, posting the reviews on the brand’s own website helped drive trial.


Crucial insights across the customer journey

From awareness to purchase intent, direct consumer feedback helped enhance Alpha Foods’ brand communications, sales, and innovation strategy.

Brand communications

Consumer insights assisted the brand in optimizing its packaging claims to match what consumers want.


Post-trial surveys supported the brand in making the leap into large retailers that customers requested.


Direct feedback helped the brand improve product flavors and attributes and plan for future innovations.

Digital product sampling are like adding an expert arm to your business

Digital product sampling act as part of a wider strategy to grow your brand. It’s more than marketing: it’s a proven way to drive trial, utilize direct consumer feedback, gain retail traction more efficiently, and learn a lot about your customers along the way.

About Alpha Foods

As more consumers crave plant-based alternatives, Alpha Foods is well-positioned in the space. ​Since its founding in 2015, the company has expanded its portfolio from four offerings to more than 25 vegan and non-GMO products available in over 9,000 stores throughout the USA.

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