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Creating delicious, allergy-friendly treats for all

In 2016, brothers and co-founders Joby and Marty Koffman started a commercial bakery with the goal of spreading happiness, one delicious dessert at a time.

Joby wanted to make treats that his son, Abe, could enjoy. Abe, like millions of other children, grew up with severe food allergies and was often isolated from friends and classmates during celebrations and snack-time.

In a fit of inspiration, the brothers set out to create an allergy-friendly treat that Abe would love and that family and friends would also devour. From that vision, the Abe’s brand was born! Abe’s is now the #1 best-selling allergy-friendly and vegan baked good in the U.S.

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Turning store listings into consumer traffic

Getting listed in stores is only half the battle; now the challenge was getting consumers into those stores to try the product for the first time. Abe’s Muffins aimed to drive trial at Kroger, a new key retail account, while continuing to foster their relationship with long-term partners, Whole Foods and HEB.

For emerging brands like Abe’s Muffins, obtaining meaningful consumer validation can be challenging due to low brand awareness. However, the Abe’s team had faith that once consumers tried the delicious mini muffins (baked by a talented in-house executive pastry chef and her staff), they would be excited to repurchase.

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Leveraging cross-analysis for smart decisions

Abe’s Muffins found value in Social Nature’s 360-degree, omnichannel approach. Unlike in-store demos, where it’s difficult to compile feedback, Social Nature’s platform allowed the ability to cross-analyze the campaign results, including purchasing decisions between SKUs and retailers.

Supporting sell-through at new key accounts is crucial for a brand’s retail growth strategy. Abe’s Muffins was able to take it a step further with Social Nature by emphasizing that even among consumers unfamiliar with the brand, participants who tried the product exhibited an impressive 84% purchase intent.

There was even an uptick in Abe’s Muffins’ social media metrics. A Social Nature giveaway resulted in a spike in followers, with many users posting on Instagram and Facebook. Reviews confirmed that the data collected was genuine and not from consumers seeking freebies.

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You don't know until you know

Primary objective: Build brand awareness and drive trial to acquire new customers

The team has incorporated the insights gleaned from their Social Nature campaign into their operations. The team leveraged the campaign’s very strong ratings and reviews in internal sales presentations. On the R&D side, Social Nature users’ constructive feedback around seed oil and sugar content may help guide future product development.

These valuable insights have taught the team how to approach consumers, taking into account their preferences and purchasing behavior. Originally assuming that parents were the primary target market, the campaign revealed significant interest and purchase intent among households without kids, representing another unexpected win for Abe’s Muffins!

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